British Powerlifter Zoe Newson Wins Gold In Commonwealth Games 2022- Facts About Her

Zoe Newson is a two-time bronze media winner in powerlifting at the Summer Paralympics 2012 and 2016.
Source : paralympic

Zoe Newson is the newest gold medal winner at the Commonwealth Para Games 2022 in powerlifting. 

Surprisingly, she is also the first British to win the competition since Nigeria had been back-to-back winners in this competition. Representing team England, Newson claimed a one-two finish in the women's Para Powerlifting lightweight final.

The Olympian had bagged a silver medal in the 45kg World Para Powerlifting event last year and a lightweight bronze at Gold Coast in 2018.

2022 marked a year of hearty push into her career as this is Zoe's first ever gold.

Commonwealth Games 2022 Gold Winner Zoe Newson Is Not Married To Her Boyfriend 

The British pride and Commonwealth Games 2022's gold-wielding powerlifter is an excited soon-to-be bride to her future husband, Dan Beeson.

She has had a lovely and understanding relationship with her boyfriend for many years. However, the couple has not taken things farther coming to this day but are in the plans to tie wedding knot in an official wedding very soon.


According to one of her Instagram posts, May 29 marks the two's relationship anniversary, which is the fifth year.

Zoe is on a long wait to be Mrs. Beeson since she is wholeheartedly dedicated to her powerlifting career. Meanwhile, Dan is also equally supportive and looks after the home when his athlete girlfriend is busy training lifting weights.

The two are each other's soulmates and will exchange their vows very soon.

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Olympian Zoe And Boyfriend Dan Are Parents To A Big Family

Zoe and Dan are happy parents to three children from their union. They have two grown daughters and a toddler son named Duncan John Freddie Ricky Beeson.

He was born on January 26 at 8:55 am in 2019 as a premature six-month-old child. He has grown up to be a healthy baby born to a para-athlete mother and a father of a whopping 6 feet 2 inches in height.

Zoe was born with dwarfism, a fact that has never brought her down but only uplifted her love for life.

The two daughters are Dan's daughters from his previous relationships. Even so, Zoe is close to both of them and spends equal time with them, citing that she loves them as her own.

This blended and happy Beeson family is an excellent example of love and progressive families. 

Meanwhile, the Olympian bronze winner was born to her father, William, and mother, Tessa Newson. She was one of the four children of the Newson family who were protective of her situation.

Speaking with Harwich and Manningtree Standard, Zoe revealed that her older brothers' protection helped her never to be a victim of bullying due to her dwarfism.

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Zoe Newson Net Worth Earnings Is Limited To Herself

The new British para-athlete sensation has been active in competitive power lifting since 2007.

Coming through all these years in national and international tournaments, Zoe has garnered impressive net worth figures.

Undoubtedly, she is handsomely paid by the British national team and concerned authorities for her immeasurable contributions to the country's para athleticism.

However, Zoe has chosen to keep her wealth and earning deets to herself and continue her journey as an inspirational figure.

Yahoo! reported that there had been the provision of the exact pay figure to para-athletes and athletes of the same sport in the Olympics since last year.

Meanwhile, such provisions from other tournaments are expected to be introduced soon.