Who Is Conor Flynn Of Tipperary? Dublin Man Jailed After Filming Partner And Distributing

Conor Flynn, a 47-year-old Irishman, was detained by the police after sharing a private video of a woman ( Source : Independent )

Conor Flynn, a father of three, was sentenced to six months in prison for secretly filming a woman while they were having s*x and sharing it.

Besides, Flynn, aged 47, transmitted the footage to his "top contacts" on Snapchat. For that matter, the lady said in court that she felt "violated and traumatized" as a result.

Moreover, the lady was severely affected by the betrayal, which had an impact on her relationships with other men and delayed her rehabilitation.

Judge Kelly noted that despite everything, the victim was able to keep her composure, dignity, and commitment to abstaining from drugs.

In addition, the case's specific facts are listed below.

Who Is Conor Flynn, Of Tipperary?

Conor Flynn, 47, from Tipperary, worked as a construction worker for an organization with its headquarters on Tyrconnell Road in Inchicore.

The man visited a Dublin addiction rehabilitation facility frequently since he struggled with drug addiction. Similarly, he has a similar name on Facebook, where he may be located

Flynn met the woman there while they were both going through addiction rehabilitation. They had a physical relationship and while she was involved in an act at his house, Flynn secretly videotaped her.

Flynn, a Tyrconnell Road construction worker
Flynn, a Tyrconnell Road construction worker ( Source : Facebook )

But when he circulated the video recording with his contacts, his "disgusting" and "abhorrent" behavior shattered the woman's faith.

Apart from that, the defendant was previously convicted of several offenses, including robbery, extortion, blackmail, and fleeing from jail.

From the beginning, he had been open and truthful with the police. Although he acknowledged it was still illegal to transmit photos of such confidential nature, the film was shared via "impermanent media."

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Conor Flynn Arrested For Personal Video Exchange

After disclosing private footage of a lady he met while seeking addiction treatment, Conor Fynn was arrested.

As she gave her victim impact statement in court, the woman, who was in her early 30s, started crying. "My body responds in a primitive, instinctual way; I freeze within, I quake," she said when she saw Flynn.

Conor Flynn received a six-month jail term
Conor Flynn received a six-month jail term ( Source : Facebook )

She stated that it made her feel "powerless" for others to have seen a film of her that she had not viewed and had not given her approval to.

"When questioned, he had indicated he had emailed the film to relatives of his, and this answer appeared "perverse" to her," she continued.

She had to put her trust in him to ensure that it was only delivered to the recipients he had specified, which caused her to feel "physically nauseous."

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Dublin Man Conor Flynn facing Jail Time

Flynn had betrayed the woman's faith while she was at her most vulnerable, according to Judge Treasa Kelly, who sentenced him to six months in jail.

Garda Ails McBride testified before the Dublin District Court that Flynn had videotaped the victim engaging in intercourse with him and had shared it on social media without getting her permission.

On May 16, 2021, the incident occurred at his house. Flynn visited the Kilmainham police station by appointment and provided a statement during the case's investigation.

The accused allegedly transmitted the video to three or four of the most important Snapchat connections on his buddy list, albeit the recipients were not named in court.