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Cordell Broadus Girlfriend Phia Barragan and Family Life

Cordell Broadus with Phia Barragan and their children
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Cordell Broadus girlfriend Phia Barragan is a social media influencer. Phia shares fitness content on her social media.

The entrepreneur has been active in cryptocurrency and emerging technology sectors and is assisting creators in creating a web3 future world.

He is the famous rapper Snoop Dogg's son, who had wished for his son to become a professional football player.

The younger Broadus subsequently developed a taste for another type of rough-and-tumble sport, namely becoming a business owner, instead of the NFL.

He persuaded his father to unveil his first NFT collection on and helped him to see the importance of blockchain and its future.

When Snopp acquired the iconic California-based hip-hop company, he and his father established the first metaverse music label.

The entire family has a business-minded mentality, which plays a big part in creating generational wealth.

Cordell Broadus And Phia Barragan Are Expecting A Third Child

Cordell Broadus girlfriend Phia Barragan is pregnant with their third child. Cordell shared the news on his Instagram.

She is a fitness enthusiast and a model but likes to keep herself away from the limelight and take good care of her family.

On the other hand, Broadus being a business owner and a well-known celebrity is always in the news for his endeavors and partnership with different companies. He is also a part of a gaming company Faze Clan.

The Broadus family together while they were on a vacation
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He celebrated Faze going public on Nasdaq MarketSite and was in the iconic bell-ringing ceremony he shared on his Instagram

Broadus was not so much into business as he was playing and working to become a professional footballer.

However, he changed his route to cryptocurrency and business after he found it more interesting.

He immediately fell in love with the idea of entrepreneurship because of the wealth it would create.

His family is now living a lavish life because of his investments and business. He once said that he does everything for his family so that his children never have to compromise for anything.

He Has Two Kids

Cordell Broadus kids are Cordoba Journey Broadus and Chateau Broadus. He is also expecting a third child with Pha Barragan.

The couple announced their second pregnancy on social media with the caption, "I'm going to provide her with a compelling proposition. Corleone Dell "

Cordell Broadus daughters, Cordoba Journey Broadus and Chateau Broadus, who are 21 months old, are his father's favorites because they enjoy playing whenever they can get together.

Phia Barragan showing of her baby bump and announcing her pregnancy
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They are usually seen on his father's Instagram, as he shares many photos of him playing around the house.

Cordell Broadus son whom he has named Dell Corleone, is about to step into this world. Phia and Broadus are taking a good initiative so that she can have a normal delivery of their son safely.

Phia can be seen flaunting her expanding baby bump while spending tender moments with her husband and their two children. Fans quickly start to express their joy in the post's comments section.

The pregnancy news came just before his father's photo session for Kim Kardashian's newest campaign was made public.

They all wore matching outfits as they posed with their three children and five grandchildren, and they all looked adorable together. 

Cordell Has A High Profile Family

Cordell Broadus family is the pinnacle of being famous. All of them are known to the public as his father Snopp Dogg is a global celebrity. 

The entire family is very close to each other and has been seen together many times. For a holiday commercial, Snopp recently uploaded a snapshot of his family's three generations to Instagram.

The posts depict Snoop Dogg and his wife, their boys Corde and Cordell, and their daughter Cori, with the entire family participating in the promotion.

Their grandchildren Lunda, Zion, Elleven, Sky, and Journey were next, all dressed in coordinating pajamas.

The Broaduses looked fantastic while posing for several items from the loungewear line, including a fleece sleep set.

The whole Broadus family taking a photo for holiday campaign
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As Cordell has made a name for himself in the web3 industry, his father has joined his vast list of web3 clients, and the father-son team is also in business.

Broadus was first introduced to cryptocurrency in 2017 by the now-deceased rapper Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey encouraged him to invest in digital tokens to purchase virtual properties.

He didn't take action immediately away, but his attention was aroused when the cryptocurrency market fell in 2018.

And while the son of the person who currently owns the slang term "NFT kingpin" was initially reluctant to act, he became more interested in 2018 when the cryptocurrency market reached its low point.

All of them are invested in the business and are very helpful to each other. They provide suggestions to help each other grow while having a close bond.

His Brothers Had Different Career Choices

Cordell Broadus has two brothers Corde Broadus and Julian Broadus. Corde is a singer and Julian is a real state agent in LA.

In the 2004 music video for "Drop It Like It's Hot," together with their father and Pharrell Williams, the two brothers Corde and Cordell made a young appearance.

Corde Broadus

Corde has pursued music as his career and initially released songs such as Spanky Danky.

He has three children Zion, Elleven, and Sky, all belong to him and his longtime companion Soraya Love who unfortunately broke up.

Corde with his son Zion on his birthday celebration
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The couple had a baby boy named Kai in 2019 but passed away just after 10 days after his birth in the intensive care unit.

Julian Broadus

Julian didn't pursue a career in basketball, he has recently worked in real estate for Agents of LA, matching opulent residences with high-profile clients.

According to Instagram, he has a wide range of interests, including business, where he interacts with organizations interested in the metaverse.

Julian when he met with his father after a very long time
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Julian's father, Snopp was unaware of him until he turned 9 years old. However, they created a beautiful bond after they met each other.

When he got in touch with his father, he shared a photo with Cordé and his dad, so everything is going well. His professional function was also attended by Snoop, demonstrating their mutual support.

The brothers also have a sister Cori who is the youngest of her siblings. She also started to pursue a career in music from a very early age and has also been featured on her father's album alongside her mother.