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Cortez Hankton Wife Shon Holder Is A Former Career Service Advisor

Cortez and Shon celebrating her birthday together
Cortez and Shon celebrating her birthday together( Source : instagram )

Cortez Hanktom wife Shon Holder Hanktom is a professional career adviser. Cortez Hankton and Shon have two sons in the family.

Hankton was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, on January 20, 1981. Cortez attended St. Augustine High School in his neighborhood for his education.

Cortez and Shon have a strong relationship; the couple has frequently posted about it on social media. They share their relationship publically and are quite active.

Cortez played from 2003 to 2011 for six different teams. In terms of his career, he has established himself as the best of his generation, which has aided in his acquisition of significant coaching responsibilities.

Since 2012, Cortez has worked as a coach with several organizations and as a player. He has been actively coaching for Louisiana State University since last year.

Recently, there was a rumor about Hankton being terminated due to his work ethic, but that remains an unsubstantiated affair.

Cortez Hankton Wife Shon

Cortez Hankton and his wife Shon Holder Hankton got married in July 2014. Hankton and Holder have been married for eight years.

While Cortez is the American football coach for the Louisiana Tigers, Shon is a professional career advisor.

Cortez and Shon celebrating their seven year marriage anniversary at Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Cortez and Shon celebrating their seven year marriage anniversary at Baton Rouge, Louisiana ( Source : twitter )

Shon has developed her own identity thanks to her extensive expertise.

From 2001 to 2004, Shon served as the Special program leader for the City of Tampa, where she started her career. She spent three consecutive years working for the organization. Her accomplishment, however, had not yet been made public.

To further study and comprehend her career, she joined Tampa Convention Centre in 2004 and remained there for six years and five months.

In 2011, Holder spent her first year at The Launch Pad in HR Manager and Business Manager roles.

She genuinely enjoyed her job as the Principal and Manager of Client Services at Elle Lifestyle Management. From June 2010 until June 2014, she spent three years and eight months in the company.

Per her LinkedIn, Shon spent much of 2011 and 2012 researching and learning about several professions before switching careers and working for Ultimate Medical Academy for two years and seven months as a career services advisor.

Cortez celebrated Shon's 40th birthday at Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Cortez celebrated Shon's 40th birthday at Baton Rouge, Louisiana ( Source : instagram )

In 2014, Shon fulfilled her duties as an assistant director and professional advisor for Dartmouth College. She later left her position in 2015. She spent six months working there at the college.

After assuming her duty, Shon discovered her identity as a professional advisor. She is currently practicing her profession while residing in her own home.

Shon operates her business out of her house and offers expert advice to clients through her channels.

Cortez Hankton Family Life

Cortez comes from a family that works in law enforcement. Cortez parents are police officers.

Cortez and family celebrating Mother's day
Cortez and family celebrating Mother's day ( Source : instagram )

The younger brother of Hankton, Cordae, worked in law enforcement before suffering a back injury while on duty due to an automobile accident.

In addition, Hankton's wonderful spouse Shon Holder blessed him with two kids. Cruz and Trip III are Hankton's two sons.

Though Cortez doesn’t live with his parents, he often meets them alongside his kids and spouse in their homes.

Hankton and Shon have consistently carried out their responsibilities to their parents as their son and daughter-in-law. In addition, Hankton's parents are self-sufficient and have been working.