Internet Model Courtney Taylor Clenney Gets Arrested For Murder Of Boyfriend Christian Obmuseri

Instagram Star Who Stabbed Her Boyfriend
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Courtney Taylor Clenney, an Internet star, has been arrested for the murder of her boyfriend, Christian Obmuseri. Clenney stabbed her boyfriend with a deadly weapon and was considered a second-degree weapon.

After the gruesome fight, Clenney was arrested and drenched in blood in a bra, according to a video acquired by TMZ. The couple had been living together at the apartment complex for a few months when employees saw many domestic disputes and tried to remove them.

Obumseli's family lawyer, Larry Handfield, urged authorities to restart the inquiry. He stated that officers visited the couple at least four times for domestic calls and that Obumseli was never arrested.

Handfield further stated that despite allegedly having an active warrant for a 2015 public intoxication case in California, Clenney was not arrested. Clenney was also apparently scheduled to appear in a Texas court on a DUI charge in 2020 at the time of his death.

Courtney Taylor Clenney Gets Arrested For Murder Of Boyfriend Christian Obmuseri

Internet Explicit model Courtney Tylor-Clenney was arrested after she was connected to the murder of her boyfriend, Christian Obmuseri.

According to Prieto, Clenney was in Hawaii undergoing therapy for PTSD and substance abuse issues when she was arrested. The exact jurisdiction of the arrest was not disclosed.

Based on the preliminary inquiry, Mr. Obumseli and the woman were involved in a violent conflict. As per friends who talked with WPLG in a separate April report, Obumseli was known to hit Clenney, but Obumseli was not known to hit his girlfriend.

However, a neighbor who was said to have a clear view into the couple's apartment said he witnessed Obumseli try to beat Clenney a week before the stabbing. The police are now determining whether or not the murderer was acting in self-defense.

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Was Model Courtney Clenney Drunk While She Stabbed Her Boyfriend?

It is unclear if Courtney Clenney was drunk when she stabbed her boyfriend, but she was in Hawaii receiving PTSD and drug abuse treatment.

As per the Herald, Clenney has been charged with second-degree murder with a dangerous weapon. A case with her name does not yet appear in a Miami-Dade County court system database.

Clenney's name was likewise missing from any online Hawaii jail inmate list as of Wednesday evening. Following the attack, Prieto informed Miami ABC station WPLG-TV that his client was acting in self-defense.

Images of Clenney covered in blood after the attack went viral after TMZ received and published them. Her defense attorney indicated they were shocked since they were cooperating with the inquiry, freely surrendering to the police and attempting to keep her name out of court.

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Net Worth Of Model Courtney Clenney

Courtney Clenney is an Instagram model. Per her lifestyle, she seems to have a net worth value of more than $1 million dollars as per the estimates. Clenney is an explicit model who earns through her subscriptions and content prices.

Also, Instagram pays around $600 per post to influencers with more than 2 million followers, so her Instagram profile is also one of the earning sources. You can find the model on Instagram under the username @courtneytailor.

She has provided a link to her only fan account in her Instagram bio. To view the content, one must register and pay some money.