Cynthia Frelund Was A Fitness Instructor Before Working As With NFL Network And ESPN

Cynthia has been working with NFL for more than 6 years as of 2022.
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Cynthia Frelund, NFL Media's first analytics specialist, can be seen on various NFL Media broadcasts and platforms. Cynthia may be seen every Friday on NFL GameDay View and throughout the week on NFL Fantasy Live.

Before starting her career as a journalist, Cynthia worked as a certified Pilates and group fitness instructor at East Bank Club for 11 years, beginning in 2005 and ending in May 2016. She considers herself lucky enough to teach at a few incredible clubs in the best cities whenever she is in town, as per her LinkedIn profile.

Frelund worked as a predictive analytics analyst for ESPN for two years before joining the NFL. Before that, she worked for the NFL as a financial analyst and business development manager for Disney ABC Television Group.

The journalist received a B.S. from Boston College. Before earning her MBA in Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation and earning her M.S. in Predictive Analytics at Northwestern University, she graduated with a B.S. in Biology in 2005.

Quick Facts

Full Name Cynthia Frelund
Age 42 years
Date Of Birth August 24, 1979
Place Of Birth Okemos, Michigan, United States
Occupation Journalist, Television host, Sports Analyst
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Height 5 ft 6 inch
Weight 58 kgs

MacGyver Frelund  (Father)

Mary Anne Frelund (Mother)

Social Media Platforms

@cynthiafrelund (Instagram)

@cfrelund (Twitter)

Sports Analyst Frelund is enjoying the pre season as per her Instagram captions.
Source : instagram

Cynthia Frelund Husband: Is The NFL Analytics Expert Married?

The NFL Analytics Expert, Cynthia Frelund, doesn't appear to be married as of 2022 and seems to be single. The identity of a well-known sports analyst's partner would be widely sought after by fans, but she is hesitant to share the information.

But her social media platform doesn't appear to have any information that could lead Frelund's admirers to wonder if she's been romantically involved with someone. It might be possible she is single, as she would have indeed posted something if she had been in any romantic relationship.

However, the NFL commentator may hide that she is dating someone. Therefore, it cannot be sure, as Frelund has not spoken on this matter.

Cynthia doesn't appear to be dating anyone she would eventually consider her husband, and she doesn't currently have a boyfriend. Images from the journalist's personal life, professional career, and achievements are found on her Instagram profile, but nothing leads to her boyfriend.

The television host frequently posts photos to Instagram for her 132k followers to see. She looks to have a verified account under the username @cynthiafrelund with more than 796 posts.

How Old Is Cynthia Frelund? Age Details

The NFL commentator, Cynthia Frelund, is 42 years old as of 2022. She was born on August 24, 1979, to her parents, MacGyver Frelund and Mary Anne Frelund, in Okemos, Michigan, United States of America.

Following graduation from Okemos High School at 22, the journalist enrolled at Boston College. She graduated 26 years old with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She then started studying for a master's in predictive analytics at Northwestern University.

The television presenter started her career as an Analyst in a fusion finance company in the same year and worked there for three years. She was promoted to senior analyst in the company for her hard work and dedication.  

Cynthia Frelund ,  NFL Media's first analytics expert wearing an elegant gown.
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Frelund additionally attended the same university's Kellogg School of Management to earn a Master of Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Marketing, and Finance.

She worked as a strategist for the NFL's network for a brief period in 2008. She served as a business consultant for Disney ABC Television between 2010 and 2012. Cynthia experienced a major professional breakthrough when ESPN hired Cynthia as an associate director in 2012.

The NFL analyst then held several other positions at the sports firm, including strategist and producer, and became well-known in the process. Later, she left ESPN and began working as an analytics expert with NFL Media in August 2016.

Update on Cynthia Frelund's Net Worth 2022 & Earnings

Cynthia Frelund is expected to have decent earnings and has an approximate net worth of around $2 million, which she has accumulated from her jobs and career. However, the data may not be factually correct as the NFL sports analyst has never clearly mentioned her earnings.

A sports analyst is expected to earn $69,424 per year in the United States, so Cynthia is also likely to make in the same range. Furthermore, she has had a very long history of jobs starting in 2005, which is also expected to have added a decent sum of money to her net worth.

Previously, the journalist worked as an analyst and senior analyst for a company called Fusion (finance) at the beginning of her career. Then she moved to Finance/Strategy of the National Football League for a concise period.

Moving on, Cynthia worked as a certified Pilates and group fitness instructor at Equinox and East Bank Club. Likewise, she worked in business development at Disney ABC Television Group.

Before joining the NFL, she worked at ESPN as an Associate Director, Technology Development, ESPN Innovation, Producer II, Next Generation, and Content Strategy Manager. As of 2022, the journalist is working as a Predictive Analytics Expert for the National Football League (NFL).

Likewise, the analyst can also be seen being involved in different brand endorsements and commercials through her social media platform. She is also expected to gather a lump sum of money that has been directly helping aid her net worth.

Therefore, with an experience of nearly two decades and experience in different fields, Cynthia is estimated to have accumulated a decent sum of money that has surely helped her lead a happy and luxurious life per her social media platform.