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Dale Finucane Wife Maddie Kennedy and Family Life

Dale and Maddie together with Freddy and Tommy at Tathra Beach in 2022.
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Dale is an Australian professional rugby league football player who plays for the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks in the National Rugby League.

He has been nicknamed "Hadouken" or "Bega Bomb". Before joining the Cronulla Sharks, he played for Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs and Melbourne Storm in the National Rugby League (NRL). 

Finucane won the NRL Grand finals in 2017 and again in 2020 with the Melbourne Storms. He was born in Bega, New South Wales. During high school, he played junior football for Bega Roosters. And in 2009, when he played for Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs' S.G. ball cup team, he won the honor of being S.G. Ball Cup Player of the Year Award. Apart from being a rugby player, Dale also has a talent for singing.

Dale Finucane Wife Maddie Kennedy

Dale Finucane married his wife Maddie Kennedy in 2018 after proposing in April 2017. 

Dale and Maddie during their vacation in Cinque Terre, Italia in 2016.
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Dale himself has said that Maddie is an unsung football hero in his football career. He added that Maddie was very supportive and puts up with his routines. Furthermore, he added that Maddie has sacrificed a lot and moved away from her family so he can do what he loves.

Maddie moved to Melbourne from Sydney, with Dale, when he was a part of the Melbourne Storms.  Dale said that when they boarded the plane, they were full of nerves and didn't know what was in store for them, a few years down the line.

Maddie and Dale bought a house together back in September 2015 as per their Instagram. Both of them have traveled to places like Torquay, London, and Barcelona.

Dale Finucane getting down on his knees to propse Maddie during 2017 in Bournda National Park.
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The Australian Rugby player proposed to Maddie in scenic Bournda National Park, New South Wales, Australia in 2017. And Dale uploaded a picture of his proposal to Maddie Dale wrote in his captions "she said yes."

Dale and Maddie Finucan Children

Dave and Maddie have two kids together named Freddy and Tommy Finucane. 

Dale took to his Instagram to announce that they were expecting their first child back on May 19, 2019, by uploading a picture of him and Maddie in which he was holding a sonogram. His caption mentioned that Maddie's due date was in November.

Maddie with her newborn baby Freddy in 2019.
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Dale commented in an interview with the annual award show, Sports Dad of the Year that Freddy was a cheeky little boy and he loves to do the opposite of what is asked of him. In the same interview, Dale remarked that Freddy likes going to the park and swimming at the beach. 

And in December of the same year 2019, Dale uploaded a picture of Freddy's first Christmas. During Freddy's third birthday, Dale reminisced in the captions that time had gone too quickly with a picture of him holding Freddy.

Dale and Maddie's second son Tommy.
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Their second son, Tommy was born on January 2022. Dale took to his Instagram to upload an adorable video of Tommy outgrowing his Mamaroo bed before making a switch to a bigger bed. Currently, as of 2022, Tommy is 1-year-old and Freddy is 3-year-old.

Dale and Maddie Family Life

Dale and Maddie have been enjoying marital bliss with their two kids in their home in Australia. 

Dale Finucane uploaded this throwback picture of their wedding on their third anniversary
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The couple walked down the aisle on October 13, 2018. Dale took to his Instagram to mark their third wedding anniversary by uploading a picture from their wedding day. In his caption, he remarked that although a third wedding anniversary is traditionally supposed to be a leather anniversary, where a gift of leather is presented, he didn't do it the traditional way, he noted that he was just a boy standing in front of a girl and asking her to love him.

Talking to Sports Dad of the Year, Dale said that he liked to spend time with his family and get down to the park on his normal days. Talking about parenthood, Dale commented that they didn't know what to expect when Freddy was born so, they soon learned how to change nappies after doing it ten times a day.

Both Dale and Maddie worked together on the construction of Freddy's nursery. Dale told in his IG that all of the construction was completed within six hours. 

In the same interview, Maddie commented that cotton buds were banned from their house since Dale is obsessed with cleaning his ears, so much so that one time he ended up giving himself an ear infection.

Dale uploaded this picture of Maddie with her two kids Tommy and Freddy on Mother's Day.
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Adding more about their parenting styles Maddie said that Dale was the fun parent. 

During 2022's Mother's day, Dale wished Maddie Mother's Day with a IG picture of hers with Freddy and Tommy with the caption "She’s not a regular mum, she’s a cool mum", in a reference to 2000s classic staple Mean Girls.