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Cardinals Coach Dani Busboom Kelly Family With Husband Lane And Son Gregory

Head coach Dani Busboom Kelly with her husband Lane and kid Boone.
Source : instagram

Dani Busboom Kelly family welcomed baby son Gregory Boone in April 2022. Dani Dani Busboom Kelly married Lane Kelly in 2010.

Kelly is the Head Coach of the Louisville Cardinals women's volleyball team. 

With much into her hands, from looking after her team's progress at the NCAA division to making time for her newly welcomed child, the coach is a balanced woman, despite all the hardships.

All thanks to her spouse, Lane Kelly, the Cardinals head coach, now has a complete and beautiful household with a kid and pets.

Dani Busboom Kelly Has A Small Family Of Three

Dani Busboom Kelly got married to her spouse Lane Kelly in June 2010.

While at the University of Nebraska, she met her future husband, Lane Kelly. Kelly is also a Cornhusker athlete, having played as a defensive lineman for the football team.

The couple has been happily married for over a decade, making them notable sports couples in the state.

Husband Lane Works In The Corporate

Lane Kelly worked as the loss mitigation investigator at M&T Bank Corporation.

Dani and Lane in a cozy position during the celebration of their 2010 wedding.
Source : instagram

Moreover, the former footballer is a travel enthusiast who prefers sharing pictures on his Facebook and Instagram, taking time from his everyday office work.

While Ms. Busboom continues to be in sports, her husband pursued a corporate career after his impressive athletic career. No matter the busy hours, the Kelly couple has drawn their attention toward their growing son's upbringing after his birth.

Son Gregory Was Born After A Decade Of Marriage

Dani and Lane had their first child named Gregory Kelly.

Nicknamed "Boone," the young lad was born healthy at eight pounds-eight ounces and 22.5 inches long. The new mother confirmed the news through an Instagram post on May 1, 2022, five days after the fateful day.

Dani holding Boone after her 37th birthday celebration in May 2022.
Source : facebook

The little man of the house is growing happily under the loving care of both of his parents. 

Dani Busboom Kelly Parents

Dani Busboom Kelly was born to parents Bonnie Busboom and Gene Busboom in 1985.

Bonnie and Gene attended the former's brother Ryan's wedding in 2015.
Source : facebook

Bonnie and Gene specialize in farming and live on farmland near Cortland in New York.

They are happy with their daughter's growth and stated in an interview with Wave3 News that they had experienced the ups and downs of their daughter's career and are proud of what she has achieved so far.

Bonnie and Gene also help in raising their daughter raise Gregory as well.

Brother Ryan Is A Father Of Two

Ryan played baseball for the Fort Hays State Tigers in 2013.

Ryan had his wedding on June 7, 2015. The volleyball coach also talked about her sibling's married status through her Instagram, revealing that the two used to fight for the TV remote as a typical sibling duo.

Ryan and his wife Karli with their two sons live in the farm life of Cortland.
Source : facebook

Likewise, Mrs. Kelly is also an aunt to two nephews; the eldest was born in 2017 and the youngest in 2020.