Who Is Dani Welniak Husband Bradly Rogers? Know More About The Sports Director

Dani Welniak has always remained athletic. Even after retiring from the softball she kept her body healthy training with her partner. ( Source : Instagram )

Dani Welniak's days in KCTV5 are ending very soon.

She is renowned among sports channel viewers and listeners. She served the industry for over a decade. She is now stepping down from her current position as full-time Sports Director at KCTV5. 

Who Is Dani Welniak Husband, Bradly Rogers?

Dani was married to her husband Bradly Rogers after she got proposed to by him on 8 April, a decade ago. However, unlike the Sports director of KCTV5, her partner does not seems to be active on social media. She has posted many pictures of him but has not tagged him in any post. 

Dani Welniak with her husband Bradly and their daughter Cameron. The family seems to like the Kangaroo too.
Dani Welniak with her husband Bradly and their daughter Cameron. The family seems to like the Kangaroo too. ( Source : Instagram )

Furthermore, the couple seemed supportive and had known each other for some time before they got engaged and finally married. According to her bio by channel network, she came to the city with her husband, Bradly. 

Thus, we believe they have been supportive partners and might have supported each other in their career and growth. 

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Know The Age Gap Of Dani Welniak And Her Husband-Relationship Details Explained

Dani and her husband's age gap might not be much as both seem to be in their thirties or forties. However, despite the age difference, their relationship seems to be flourishing, and they seem happily married. 

They seem to have a unique relationship as she calls her partner her best friend. As both of them are athletic, they can be seen participating together in the games like Spartan Race, Warrior Dash, and more. 

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How Many Kids Does Dani Welniak Have? Inside Her Family

Dani only has one kid, Cameron, born in 2020. But, after years of marriage, she and her husband finally decided to start their own family and gave birth to a cute little one. 

Additionally, there is not much information about the couple's family as they have barely shared images with them. But, there is a post by Welniak with her mother and Bradly on a softball ground. 

Dani Welnaik Net Worth In 2022 Is Impressive

Dani Welnaik was the Sports Director for the KCTV5 just before she announced her resignation a few days back. She was with the team for over six years before revealing about leaving the network channel. 

The former football player was named 2007 Rookie of the Year, 3x Pro Bowler, 2008 Women's Super Bowl Champion, and 2010 WFAF Gold Medalist. He was also a Freelancer on ESPN from 2010 until 2011 for a year.

There she served as a Production Assistant, mainly focusing on game telecasts and information shows. She was also a stage manager. Additionally, she shot and edited the ESPN GameDay Package. 

Moreover, throughout her career, she worked in KWCH as a sports anchor for more than five years. In addition, she was a sideline reporter for Chiefs Radio Network. Again she freelanced as a Radio Color Analyst in Pikewood Creative for a year and in Cumulus Media for almost six years. 

Ultimately, she landed in KCTV as a sports anchor and got later promoted to sports director in 2017. But she decided to step down from the position this weekend.