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Is Danielle Parton From Shine Girl Married?

Danielle with her friend Mark Ramsey for The Petty Family Foundation Run
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Is Danielle Parton From Moonshiners Married? No, Danielle Parton is not married yet. 

Danielle was the first female in her family to earn a college degree, and she graduated from Belmont University in 1998. She worked as a flight attendant at the beginning of her career.

She is primarily active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has around 3.2k followers on her official Instagram handle and 8.4k followers on her Facebook page. 

Owner and Founder of Shine Girl
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Is Danielle Parton Married?

No, Danielle Parton is not married yet and has no husband.

'Shine Girl' Founder Danielle is living a happy and single life. She has not been involved with anyone romantically.

She was born to her parents, Bobby Parton and Doris Noland Parton, on January 5, 1976, in Knoxville.

She shared a photo on her official Instagram handle and captioned 'My buddy Mark Ramsey stopped in Shine Girl for a visit. We are getting ready for The Petty Family Foundation Run.'

Mark Ramsey is an American Tv personality known for 'Moonshiners', the Discovery Channel has managed to create a reality show about the alleged criminal who makes their moonshine.

Mark and Danielle are good friends and co-workers. They shared a healthy, friendly relationship. 

Is Danielle Parton Related To Dolly Parton?

Dolly Parton is the aunt of Danielle
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Yes, Dolly Parton is related to the female moonshiner Danielle Parton.

Most people hear the last name Parton and immediately think about the famous American singer Dolly Parton. 

She is Dolly Parton's niece but is known for something different from singing. She was making Moonshine and served as an American airforce pilot. 

Dolly is the fourth of a dozen siblings, one of whom is Danielle's father, Bobby.

Danielle is 47 years old and was born on January 5, 1976. She comes from a long line of iconic moonshiner producers and veteran musicians, and artistry runs in their blood. 

She explained on her website that Dolly is the number four of 12 kids, and his father, Bobby, is number five. Danielle's mom Doris Noland Patron was best friends with her aunt Stella, the number six. Moreover, Doris Noland and Stella Patron grew up together. 

Danielle Parton Net Worth

'Shine Girl' whiskey manufacturing plant setup
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Danielle Parton is an American entrepreneur who has a net worth of $2 million as of 2023. Danielle earns a good amount of money from her successful business career. 

She is currently working on some acting projects and may have some other source of income. She opened her business 'Shine Girl' in East Tennessee. 

She owns and operates the whiskey brand 'Shine Girl' where she sells distillery products with delicious taste. The products are well-authorized and garnered by the whole patron family. From this business, she makes millions of dollars per annum. 

Danielle becomes famous for starring in several TV shows. Today, she is a recognizable face in Hollywood and is featured in the American docudrama television series 'Moonshiners' on the Discovery Channel. She generates some amount of money from these TV shows. 

Some of the TV shows Danielle Parton are:

  • Moonshiners (2011)
  • Master Distiller (2019)
  • Master Distiller Tournament of Champions (2022)

Danielle Parton Has Owned Shine Girl Since 2022

Shine Girl Moonshine by Danielle Parton
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Moonshine runs deep in the hills of Sevier County. Now, the patron family is getting in on the business. 

Danielle Patron owns the brand 'Shine Girl.' She has brought out her spin on the Patron family moonshine her grandparents used to sell for extra income. 

She twisted the flavors of the Moonshine and added flavors on everything from Rose to Red Velvet. She also gave the traditional touch to the Moonshine by adding honey, sugar, and molasses instead of corn. 

She is trying to be one of the few women in the moonshine business. she starts researching how to make good Moonshine, then collects the information passed down through generations to find unique flavors. Shine Girl store is located at 1610 Jenkins road, Sevierville. 

Who Is Danielle Parton?

LinkedIn profile of Danielle Parton
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Danielle Parton has been a public relations specialist at the United States Air Force since 2005.

About her educational background, Danielle earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration major from The University of Nashville, Tennessee, in 1988. 

After completing her college degree, she began her career as a pilot. She became a flight attendant for American Airlines and Southwest Airlines. She joined Air National Guard, where she served as a pilot. 

Recently, she has been heading the department of public relations specialist at the 118th wing and serving as the department's chief. 

 Began her airline career in 1999
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Throughout her combat career, She also flew the C-130 and C-5 in battle worldwide and has deployed several times. Nevertheless, Danielle does not brag about her recognition, but it simply shows her sacrifices and professionalism in the flight deck and her actual life. 

She also works in the pilot seat and operates the airlines with her team. Furthermore, she achieved many things in her aviation career when she became a pilot for the world's largest carrier Airbus A320. 

In her professional pilot career, she has been awarded the Combat Action medal, the Air Medal, and Flying Excellence for undergraduate pilot training.

She expressed her happiness on February 7, 2021, through a Facebook post. She wrote, "she is very happy she got her COVID-19 vaccination because she wants to be a part of the solution. She is also very grateful to her aunt Dolly Parton for donating a million dollars to the development of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine."

What Happened To Danielle Parton On Moonshiners? 

Danielle is a visionary entrepreneur from the united states who handles the first homebrew on her incredible family estate in a long time. In February 2022, she appeared in season 11, Episode 15 of Moonshiners. 

Jigger and Mark Join forces with Danielle to lunch the first Moonshine and describes the line as a culmination. She stated that her uncle Dale Noland is her main Moonshine making buddy and said they work sufficiently together. 

As aforementioned, she has created her line of Moonshine called 'Shine Girl,' which comes in beautiful packaging with a pink label. The Drink was 'created by and with a woman in mind.' According to Danielle, men will probably buy it if women drink it. 

Danielle enjoys her job as a moonshiner, which helps her, especially when working with some of her family, who will motivate and guide her through her journey on the show. 

Moonshiners is a Discovery channel documentary television show produced in 2011 by Magilla Entertainment. The show follows the lives of a group of people who make illegal liquor all over the united states. Danielle is one of the notable women casts on the production team. 

Danielle Parton on Moonshiners ( Source : youtube )