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Danny Goffey Wife Pearl Lowe Wore An Unusual Color To Her Wedding

Danny posted the picture with his partner to wish her on Mother's Day
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Danny Goffey wife Pearl Lowe is a fashion and textiles designer. Danny and Pearl got married in the library of Babington House in Somerset.

Daniel Robert Goffey is a talented musician and songwriter from England who is renowned for his work as the drummer and vocalist for the band Supergrass. He has also been a part of the touring band for Babyshambles in 2010.

Daniel comes from a family with a background in the media and politics, his father being a well-known motoring journalist and his mother has served as a councillor for the Labour Party. He also has a brother who works in the film industry.

Daniel spent his early years in the town of Berkshire, but his family later moved to the village of Forest Hill, which is located in the county of Oxfordshire and is just 4.5 miles east of the city of Oxford.

It was during his time in Forest Hill that he met Gaz Coombes, who would later become his best friend and bandmate, while they were both studying at Wheatley Park School. The two of them formed a band called The Jennifers, but later separated.

Pearl Lowe Is A Textile Designer

Danny Goffey wife Pearl Lowe is a famous fashion designer. Pearl and Danny tied the knot in 2008.

Pearl Lowe is a well-known British designer and musician who is known for her unique fashion and textile creations. She was given her unique name after her grandmother Pearl Teller who passed away on the day she was born.

Her mother is an interior designer and her father passed away from lung cancer in 2016. She is also a mother to Daisy Lowe, a famous fashion model who has also worked for Agent Provocateur.

Pearl has always been passionate about vintage interiors and fashion, which is why she started her own business in 2001 and created her own signature range of lace curtains and cushions.

Pearl is a British fashion designer
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In 2006, she moved to Somerset and began designing her own bespoke handmade dresses and childrenswear which were sold to Liberty and The Cross in London.

She also designed capsule ranges for High Street retailer, Peacocks. Alongside her textile work, Pearl also designed interiors for many private clients.

She wrote her own memoir "All That Glitters" in 2007, which is a personal look at overcoming addiction. In 2013, she launched her first interiors book, entitled "Pearl Lowe's Vintage Craft," which saw her bring her styling advice to a much wider audience.

The celebrity spouse has also contributed to TV programs, and designed columns, and blogs. She has appeared on Britain's Next Top Model, and more recently in Channel 4's Four Rooms. 

She has also been a face of Agent Provocateur and was an ambassador for the homeless charity Crisis, and currently, she is an ambassador for Action on Addiction.

Danny And Pearl Wedding

Danny Goffey and Pearl Lowe exchanged vows in 2008. Danny and Pearl got married in Babington House, Somerset.

Danny and Pearl wedding was a beautiful and intimate affair that celebrated the love and talents of this talented couple. The ceremony was held in the picturesque village of Forest Hill, Oxfordshire, where they met in the early 1990s, and it was attended by close family and friends.

The couple's love for vintage fashion and design was evident throughout the wedding, from the decor to the bride's gown. The ceremony was inspired by the 1920s and featured vintage-style flapper dresses and elegant floral arrangements.

Danny posted this picture with Pearl to celebrate their anniversary
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The bride looked stunning in a bespoke lace gown that she designed herself. The gown was made of delicate lace and had a vintage-inspired style that was perfect for the theme of the wedding.

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a reception with live music performances by Danny and his bandmates. The reception was held in a beautiful marquee decorated with vintage-inspired decor and elegant floral arrangements. 

Guests enjoyed delicious food and drinks as they celebrated the newlyweds.

The wedding was an extraordinary and memorable occasion that celebrated the love of this talented couple.

Inside Their Long Lived Romance

Danny and Pearl are one of the lovely couples in the British entertainment industry. Danny and Pearl have been together for more than fourteen years.

Danny And Pearl Started Dating In 1995

Danny and Pearl started their relationship journey in December 1995. They dated for thirteen years before getting hitched on one another.

They were in a relationship during the time when Supergrass, the band that Danny is a member of, was recording an album called "In It for the Money".

Danny and Pearl started their dating journey in 1995
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To be closer to Pearl, who was a singer in a band called Powder, Danny moved from Oxford to London. Living with Pearl meant that Danny got to know a lot of famous people, such as Liam Gallagher and Kate Moss, and this caused him to become more popular and well-known.

Danny And Pearl Got Married On 2008

After dating for thirteen years, Danny and Pearl vowed to be with each other for eternity in 2008.

Danny and pearl exchanged vows in 2008
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They have been together for more than fifteen years and their love is growing even more with the passing days.

They chose to have a small and intimate ceremony at Babington House, a private location near their home in Frome, Somerset. On December 4th 2008, they officially became husband and wife in a chapel at Babington House.

Danny And Pearl Live In A Vintage Inspired Seaside Home

Pearl completed the renovation of a rundown coastal home in Winchelsea, East Sussex. The four-bedroom clapboard house had a two-bedroom cabin in its acre of gardens and was adorned with delicate shell mosaics inside and out.

Pearl and her husband moved their trusted builder, Rich, into the cabin for several months while he restored the house and created a neutral backdrop for Pearl’s interior scheme.

Danny and pearl kids enjoying Betty's birthday
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The renovation process was challenging as the house was off-grid, and had no prior knowledge of a biomass boiler. Despite the difficulties, Pearl says the house is now "absolutely perfect".

They have two sons named Alfie Lennon and Frankie and a daughter named Betty. They went on their honeymoon to a place called Tobago.

Pearl was pregnant and was supposed to have a baby in the fall of 2010. But unfortunately, in May of that year, it was announced that Pearl had lost the baby.