Danny Hurley Wife Andrea Hurley And Inside Coach Family Life

Danny and wife Andrea married in 1997 and have been together for twenty-five years.
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Coach Danny Hurley wife Andrea Hurley is a podcast host. Andrea Hurley met Danny at Seton Hall University and married him in 1997.

Danny joined the UConn Huskies basketball in March 2018 and steadily rose. Under his leadership, the Huskies went from subpar performances to a 20-win season in less than four years. 

The famous basketball couple has remained together for twenty-five years and continues to cherish each other's presence in life.

From understanding one another's work to caring for their family, this married pair is an example of a successful marriage. The Hurleys share two sons and also manage to ace their jobs.

Mr. Hurley is currently in his fifth year of looking over the Huskies, while his beloved spouse started her podcast in 2021.

Danny Hurley Wife Andrea

Coach Danny Hurley married Andrea Hurley in 1997.

Mrs. Hurley kept herself from involving in the field while she continued cheering for the teams that her husband coached.

Her Instagram bio indicates that the NCAA coach WAG is a big fan of the mascots of Grey Bees of Saint Benedict's Preparatory School, Seahawks of Wagner College, Rhody the Ram from the University of Rhode Island, and Jonathan, the Husky from UConn.

The current UConn-famed coach had also looked over all the teams mentioned above as their head coach.

The Hurley couple got married on August 30, 1997, after being college sweethearts.
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Andrea Hurley Is A Co-Host Of The Podcast

Being a fan of her husband's work yet staying away from facing the harsh reality of being a coach partner, Mrs. Hurley felt somewhat incomplete.

She successfully avoided the wrath of significant others of her husband's competitors, but her answers regarding the game and behind-the-game scene remained unanswered.

The New York Post confirms that this coach WAG's life changed when she met Nicole Kellogg, the better half of Derek Kellogg. The two's husbands were rival coaches when Hurley was at Rhode Island and Mr. Kellogg at UMass.

Andrea Hurley and Nicole Kellogg are the hosts of
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The two basketball coach-wives connected right after and became soul sisters. Hence, they started the "Ball is Wife" podcast on iHeartRADIO in February 2021, which looks at the situations of being married to sports personalities.

Their first guest was the UConn head coach himself, followed by his father and the 2010 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Famer coach, Bob Hurley.

The iHeart presentation has become a great hit among the basketball fandom who want to know about the insiders into the familial and unseen moments of their favorite NCAA figures. 

Danny and Andrea Hurley celebrated their 25th anniversary with the former's parents in August 2022.
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With the podcast's success, Mrs. Hurley has found a new identity besides her marriage affiliation with the famed UConn coach.

With more responsibilities and happiness in their marriage, the Hurleys celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on August 30, 2022. Interestingly, this couple also shares the same anniversary date with coach Dan's parents, Bob and Chris.

The quartet celebrated the double special occasion at a beach with a heart dinner and taking beautiful pictures for Instagram.

Andrea had also invited her mother-in-law Chris and sister-in-law Melissa on February 4, 2022, podcast session titled "Growing Up A Girly Hurley." Thus, this UConn coach's missus makes up a great rapport with the rest of the Hurley family members and team players as well.

Danny Hurley Family Life around Basketball

Danny hails from an athletic family where his father and elder brother played basketball.

The clan started with Bob Sr., coach of the now-closed St. Anthony High School in Jersey City, New Jersey.

He won twenty-six state championships throughout his thirty-nine years in the school, where five teams went undefeated. The patriarch gained national attention in 1993 when his eldest son, Bobby, graduated from Duke University as an All-American.

Coach Danny with his Hall of Famer former high school coach father, Bob Hurley.
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Bobby assisted his younger brother at Rhode Island and Wagner from 2010 to 2013 and now works as the Arizona State Sun Devils head coach.

Known as "The Hurley Factor" and "The Hurley Way," this basketball clan continues to take charge of several notable teams and create history. These sporting bloodline members have been unable to stay away from the sport despite their medical issues. 

In a September 2019 surgery, the UConn mentor had to replace two disks in his neck with artificial ones. The problem was partly hereditary and partly due to his lifelong athlete stance.

Even so, he returned to coaching less than two weeks later, indicating B-ball is in his blood and is willing to pass it down to his kids.

Danny Hurley Is A Father Of Two Children

The former Seton Hall point guard is a happy family man with two children. He and Andrea welcomed their two sons, inclined toward sports and academics.

Their sons, Dan Jr. and Andrew, often appear on their father's Instagram and other social media handles.

Danny and Andrea gave birth to two sons, Danny and Andrew Hurley, from their marriage.
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This perfect family of four is fond of each other as they do not miss out on any special occasions.

They go out on vacations and even voted at the November 2020 U.S. elections, wearing UConn merch. Hence, they all come together when it comes to spending quality time.

Eldest Son Dan Hurley Jr

Daniel Hurley Jr. was named after his father though he did not play basketball.

The 23-year-old is instead working as an aid to Governor Philip D. Murphy as of October 2021.

His placement at the Office of Appointments came right after his graduation in History from Seton Hall University.

The Hurley couple named their elder son, Dan Jr. after Danny.
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Hurley Jr. is pursuing his Master's degree in Public Administration from the same uni, per his LinkedIn.

Before that, he was an intern at the Legislative District 38 Office in 2021, University Of Connecticut Athletic Department in 2019, and also interned at Kent County Court House from February to June 2017.

Younger Son Andrew Hurley Is A UConn Guard

Unlike his elder brother, the youngest son of his parents, Andrew Robert plays college basketball at UConn under his father.

However, he graduated from East Catholic High School, contrary to his father and brother, who graduated from Seton Hall. This six-feet-one-inch basketball giant is in his junior year and was a part of the team's 2020-21 BIG EAST All-Academic Team.

Danny's youngest son, Andrew, plays as a guard for the UConn basketball roster.
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The 20-year-old Hurley celebrates his birthday on January 30 yearly, per UConn. Likewise, his Instagram is mainly dedicated to pictures of his gameplay on the NCAA court.

While the extended Hurleys have pursued careers in different fields, they all are part of The Hurley Family Foundation, where each of the close members is a part of the organization's board.

The establishment runs a free basketball program for third to twelfth-grade students in Jersey City. This family is adamant about the sport and hopes to help other passionate kids.