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Danny Pudi And Wife Bridget Showalter Pudi Relationship With Two Children

Danny wished his wife on Mother's Day 2020
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Danny Pudi is happily married to his wife, Bridget Showalter Pudi. Danny and his spouse share two kids. 

Many Americans know him for his role as Abed Nadir on the NBC sitcom Community, which won him the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series nominations.

Initially, the series struggled to get the top ratings but gained a cult following, with its lead actor getting remembered for their meta humor.

Later superstars like Ken Jeong, Donald Glover, and Alison Brie were also part of the project, as it got destined for greatness.

Its sixth season was its last as it never announced its official cancellation until its streaming service Yahoo Screen service got disbanded.

Danny reunited with his co-star Alison for a Dave Franco-directed romance, Somebody I Used To Know. It is an unconventional romance that airs on Prime Video on 10 February.

Danny Pudi And Wife Bridget Showalter Pudi's Relationship

American actor Danny Pudi and his wife, Bridget Showalter, have a fantastic relationship. They got married in 2004.

Indeed, they have stood the test of time, still keeping the flames alive after almost two decades and two rowdy kids. But before talking about the secret behind their blissful matrimony life, we must start at the beginning. 

The Pair Met At University

According to sources, the pair met when they were studying at Marquette University as sparks flew. They were both first-year students and immediately knew they had been in it for a lifetime.

Danny doing promotional post for My Thic Myth
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Things were anything but smooth sailing as he lived in dorms in the middle of a forest while performing on shows in between classes. His then-girlfriend lived five hours away, and he often wondered if things would work out. 

After moving to Los Angeles, he did everything from waiting tables to working part-time to pay for auditions with his lady love standing strong by his side. The wait was worthwhile as he is one of the most recognized Asians in Hollywood.

Danny Wished Her On Mother's Day

For Mother's Day 2018, Danny took to his Instagram to wish his lady love for being an incredible mother to his kids. 

Danny took the picture of his with with his two kids in 2018
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He called her the strongest, warmest, the most natural person he had ever met, as she was indeed the guiding beacon to their lost kin. He was more than willing to take the picture as his spouse and two babies got wrapped around a bear mascot. 

The Married Couple Celebrated Their 14th Anniversary

For their fourteenth anniversary, the married couple took pictures out of the old family albums.

The comedian posted a picture of them back in their youth as an ecstatic Danny got carried by a grinning Bridget. He added that his partner had uplifted him since they met and would continue doing so till the end of time.

Bridget carrying her husband in their youth
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Indeed, he has good reason to sing her praises as she motivated him in controlling his diet. He may be half Indian, but his lover is vegetarian, as she often monitors his meat intake. She made fruits and vegetables a must, helping to keep the public image. 

Danny Asked Bridget To Be His Plus One 

Looking for dates for the movie premieres and red-carpet events must be difficult for singles, but Danny has his forever plus one. 

Bridget was his plus one for the 2020 My Thic Quest premiere
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In 2020, he asked his partner to accompany him to the launch of My Thic Quest premiere. They wore dark clothes, with Danny looking dashing in a grey suit with a blue sweater while his date kept it a formal mid-length dress with wavy patterns.

Meet Danny And Bridget's Children

Danny and Bridget have two children, James Timothy and Fiona Leigh. Chicago Tribute reported on Jan 2012 that Bridget had delivered twins.

He dreaded becoming a dad as co-star Ken Jeong became his mentor because he was a father to twins too. Watching him with his kids made him feel he could manage it. 

Danny welcomed his twin boy and girl in 2012
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The children had to wear matching clothes all the time are were identical to one another. They have grown as the years have gone by, with them learning every new thing by grasping their father's hands. 

They welcomed the 2020 New Year with a dance as they all gathered in front of the camera and threw their hands up in the air. 

His Parents Abraham L. Pudi And Teresa Pudi Are His Family

Pudi calls his parents, Abraham L. Pudi, and Teresa Pudi his family.

Born on 10 March 1979, Pudi grew up with his siblings, Adam Pudi and Katherine Pudi. They followed Christianity in Chicago, Illinois, and played sports as a child.

After graduating, he enrolled at Notre Dame College Prep in Niles, getting a degree from Marquette University in communications and theater.

Danny shared a childhood picture of him playing for his school team in 2020
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Afterward, he got incorporated into the Second City theatre in Chicago, where his comedic side thrived. His falling into performing and improv is not surprising, as he always had an interest in entertaining others. 

But his path to success was anything but easy as he was the son of two immigrant parents, with his dad coming from India while his mom fled from Poland. His father was not very present, as his mother raised him as a single parent. 

Indeed, he had a fire to achieve his dreams, as his Asian-American comedy troupe Stir-Friday Nigh toured around the country.

His Father Abraham L. Pudi Passed Early

Danny's dad Abraham L. Pudi, a businessman, passed away in 2018.

The actor does not speak of him, but he got sentimental when he discovered his picture from the 70s. The photo was a dent in his long journey as he still had his hair styled to every last stand.

Danny remembered his dad a week after he passed in 2018
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In July 2018, he departed from the world as his son talked about going through boxes of old pictures and memories. One picture, in particular, kept asking his attention as he felt a connection, a bond that cessation could not take away. He signed off the letter with a wish that this father would find peace in the afterlife.

Danny's Mom Teresa Pudi Is A Programmer And Analyst

His mum Teresa Pudi who worked as a programmer has been his backbone and quietly supports his dreams by signing him up for shows, plays, and classes. She ensured he got equipped with every skill in the book, especially dances. 

Although the schedule was too hectic for the child, he appreciated the new atmosphere as he always stood out as the comedian. 

Danny always thanks his mom for giving him life
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In an interview with India Current, he talked about how the nurtured abilities manifested into a passion after he began watching Saturday Night Live and Monty Python’s Flying Circus, as he cited Eddie Murphy, Mike Myers, and Chris Farley as his initial influences. 

Eventually, he won the prestigious Chris Farley Scholarship, as his mom was the happiest.