Darren Lok Parents And Family: Who Are Footballer Father And Mother?

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Darren Lok is a Malaysian striker playing for PJ City in the Malaysia Super League and the Malaysian national team. He and his teammates are tremendously excited about the next game.

Three years ago, Darren Lok was working shifts at an NHS psychiatric hospital in the south of England while playing part-time football for Eastbourne Borough of the National League South, a division two below the English Football League.

But today, after being approached by an agent after reading an interview he gave to a football magazine, the Sussex-born attacker is a Malaysian international who plays for a team in the Asian Champions League and might play in World Cup qualification for his country.

Who Are Darren Lok Parents? His Family Details

The information about Darren Lok's parents is still unavailable on the internet. His family, on the other hand, is quite close to him. Lok's family has always supported his profession, and they are frequently visible on the pitch when he is playing.

ok poses with agent Scott Ollerenshaw player Curran Ferns in 2015
ok poses with agent Scott Ollerenshaw player Curran Ferns in 2015

They frequently encourage him or pump him up when he is on the field. Darren was born on March 9, 1991, to loving parents. As of 2022, he is a Pisces and 30 years old.

He has shared various anecdotes about his parents in publications and interviews, even though his parents' identities and jobs have yet to be revealed. Darren was born and raised 10,514 kilometers from Malaysia. Therefore he was no stranger to the Southeast Asian country.

Melaka and Kuala Lumpur were his father's birthplaces, and with many of his family still living there, he would spend his vacations there. Little did he realize then that football would lead to him making a more permanent transfer to Malaysia later in his life. W

ith so many ladders to climb; making it as a footballer in England is not easy, and Darren's journey began in the Conference in the 2011/12 season with Eastbourne Borough FC, which is the sixth division of English football.

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Darren Lok Family Ethnicity And Nationality

As of 2022, Darren Lok's family's ethnicity and nationality have not been published, just like his parents' names. Lok has never made a point of mentioning any of his family members' names by name. Instead of stating their names, he frequently calls my father or mother.

Darren Lok in action for Malaysian side JDT
Darren Lok in action for Malaysian side JDT

Similarly, no information on whether he has a sibling or brother is available. He might also be a single child. However, this is uncertain. This type of information must be visible to be tracked.

Meanwhile, that transfer to Malaysia might not have happened if he had been playing football in the 1990s or early 2000s, but thanks to the internet, he will be able to return to his prior vacation site in 2016.

Darren Lok Net Worth Explored 2022

According to wikibioall, Darren's net worth in 2022 will be between $1 million and $5 million. Since he has just been in the spotlight, he has yet to divulge his net worth. On the other hand, Lok is frequently spotted in flashy automobiles and lives in a large home with his family.

The majority of Darren's earnings have come through his football career. Lok, on the other hand, is a fantastic player. In 2016, he made his Malaysian national team debut against Singapore, and in 2017, he scored his first international goal against Syria.

Lok was also a member of the Malaysian squad who qualified for the Asian Cup in 2023, scoring a goal in their most recent qualifier. Lok's social media posts frequently show him on vacation.

By working hard, he has provided a solid living for his family and himself and can now afford a nice lifestyle.

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