How Did Deborah James Pass Away? What Were Her First Symptoms?

The Famous Cancer Campaigner Has Passed Away At The Age Of 40 ( Source : 24Hoursworlds )

Deborah James was a famous blogger, cancer campaigner, and journalist from London who died of bowel cancer at the age of 40. She had two children with her husband.

Despite knowing that she had cancer that could not be treated and could only live for a maximum of 5 years, Deborah ensured that she lived her remaining life to the fullest.

Even after her diagnosis, she maintained a positive attitude and began recording her therapy on social media and in a newspaper column.

Against all odds, December 2021 marked the fifth anniversary of her diagnosis. In early May 2022, she announced on social media that she had ended active treatment and switched to hospice-at-home care, with physicians advising her that they had done everything possible.

How Did Deborah James Pass Away? Obituary And Tributes

According to Deborah Jame's obituary, she passed away battling bowel cancer in her parent's home alongside her family. Her Instagram is full of tributes by her followers, who she very inspired.

She was a happy mother and wife who had two kids. James, the podcaster who collected millions of pounds for bowel cancer research in her last weeks, has died, according to her family.

She announced in May that she had stopped active treatment and received end-of-life care at her parents' home in Woking, Surrey.

Her efforts gained her a damehood in her dying days, and her Bowel Babe fundraising for Cancer Research UK surpassed the £6 million milestone. Dame Deborah James exploited her fatal stage four colon cancer diagnosis to inspire the public and earn millions of dollars for charity in her last years.

Deborah Visit To Hospital After Being Diagnosed With Cancer
Deborah Visit To Hospital After Being Diagnosed With Cancer ( Source : Instagram )

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Deborah James Husband Name Is Sebastian Bowen

Deborah James was married to a supportive and caring husband who never stopped caring for her. 

James was married to Sebastien Bowen, a Pomona Capital banker. Deborah and Sebastien had been married for 13 years.

She lauded her husband and claimed she had given him "tight instructions" on how to proceed after her death. Deborah assured her followers near the end of her days that she would make good use of her time with her children and husband.

Deborah With Her Husband
Deborah With Her Husband ( Source : Publicnewstime )

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What Were Deborah James First Symptoms Of Bowel Cancer?

After having symptoms like losing blood in the toilet and frequent passing, Deborah knew that something was not right, but the symptoms were put off because she was a busy mother who had an active work life.

Deborah was a deputy headteacher until December 2016, just days before Christmas, when a colonoscopy revealed she had a giant tumor. Deborah had been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, and examinations revealed no irregularities.

She never had a follow-up visit and was informed her symptoms were stress-related, but she claimed she had a "sixth sense" of something wrong.

It wasn't until she paid to consult a private specialist that she received a diagnosis. The cancer campaigner was just 35 when she was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer and told she wouldn't survive until 40.