Derrick Rose Baby Mama Mieka Reese Is an Influencer

NBA player Derrick Rose and Mieka Reese are longtime friends and former lovers.
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NBA player Derrick Rose baby mama Mieka Reese is a fashion influencer. Rose and Reese have a son named Derrick Rose Jr.

The New York Knicks point guard enjoys a steady career as much as he has a happy family life.

His fans and the public have praised him for adhering to his fatherly duties well. Moreover, the folks of the extended NBA Rose family have given quite some befitting festival celebration goals.

Derrick Rose Baby Mama

Derrick Rose first baby mama is Instagram star Mieka Reese. Mieka is a fashion blogger and influencer.

Rose and Mieka are friends turned lovers and were engaged to be married at some point in their love story and shared a home at a Trump Tower condo in Chicago. They even welcomed a son named Derrick Jr. in 2012, but things did not turn out well for the couple.

Coming into October 2013, the pair had broken up, leaving them co-parents. Reese had confirmed the news via an Instagram post at that hard time though she refrained from outing the reason behind the tragedy.

Meika Reese is a well-known Instagram model with over 400k followers.
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Who is Mieka Reese aka miekajoi?

Reese has grown as a strong businesswoman and an equally gorgeous Instagram celebrity.

She boasts over 442k followers on the platform as @miekajoi_, with a verified tick on the side. Each of her posts features a jaw-dropping pose while donning various brands and screaming friendships with fellow big names in the industry.

This 35-year-old still lives in Chicago with her son and travels around the country to attend various big sports, music, fashion, and business events.

Mieka Reese flaunts her clothing and accessories brand, RichGirlCandy, as its owner on social media and other platforms as well.
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Mieka also runs her luxury fashion label, RichGirlCandy, which specializes in candy-themed clothes and accessories.

Also known as a luxury "Candy" shop, this glamorous marque has a client list of big names, including "Miss Thang" rapper and singer Monica, fashion model duos "The Clemont Twins," and entrepreneur Miracle Watts among many others.

From comfort to Instagram-worthy fashion, Reese caters to both women and children. Hence, her business has grown thoroughly while gaining loyal followers.


Apart from Instagram, this fashionista also found her forte on TikTok, where she makes videos on subjects covering her work and family life.

From unboxing her valuable branded goods to sharing her food recipes, TikTok is another place to look for this candy lover. The video-sharing platform has become another essential tool for her business and life.

Throughout her videos, Mieka Joi has shown her luxurious and glamorous life as her purchase includes a Hermes Birkin bag, Chanel goods, and numerous other brands.

Moreover, she continues her duties as a responsible mother and a good friend to her former fiance, Derrick.

Derrick Rose and Alaina Anderson Relationship

Derrick Rose wife Alaina Anderson is a model and fitness influencer. Derrick was engaged to Alaine in 2021.

Born on November 15, 1994, she graduated from De La Salle High School and the University of Illinois.

This Chicago native is the founder and owner of Keep It Cute (KIC), a brand specializing in health and beauty products. Her athleisure wear and fitness equipment for women are the biggest hit among her customers.

Moreover, Anderson is also an active social media influencer extending her fitness knowledge across YouTube. Their 2020 video of engaging in a gross food challenge has accumulated more than 408k views, the highest of the AlainaTaughtYou channel's view counts.

Alaina Anderson is an Instagram celebrity often flaunting brands on her pictures.
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Derrick Proposed To Alaina In 2021

After meeting around 2016, this NBA-fitness guru pair started dating and welcomed two babies in their love life.

In coming years, the two brushed off gossip about their 2018 wedding but remained together, Distractify confirmed. However, in 2021, this couple surprised their fans when they got engaged at Madison Square Garden.

The ring ceremony occurred at Knicks court on October 12 when Rose put a massive double-ring studded diamond on Anderson's finger.

NBA's famed point guard got down on one knee that night and even penned a poem for his longtime girlfriend on his social media that night.

Derrick and wife Alaina during their attendance at the Balenciaga Spring 2023 Fashion Show at the New York Stock Exchange on May 22, 2022.
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While a year has passed since the special day, the two's love has not lessened for each other. These lovebirds share the same enthusiasm in their relationship as lovers and parents to their two offspring.

On top of their immense love and care, Rose usually keeps his romantic moments private from the internet. Thus, most of Anderson's posts are related to her children and promoting her brand.

She does not hold back from sharing her motherhood with her two children and Derrick Jr.

Alaina And Mieka Are Good Friends

Alaina and Mieka celebrating Christmas together in 2022.
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The two Instagrammers are mature women keeping a level of respect and friendship.

They have not let any enmity grow between them about the idea of being in love with their children's father at some point in their lives. Instead, Alaina and Mieka are friends and often celebrate special occasions together.

From attending games with their kids to celebrating Christmas this year, these women have shown positive sides to their lives.

Moreover, both have frequently appeared on each other's posts, enjoying fun moments while wearing matching outfits in rare moments.

Derrick Rose Has Three Children

Derrick Rose is an inspiring father to his three children named PJ, Layla Malibu and London Marley.

His eldest son, Derrick Jr., aka PJ, was born to Mieka Reese, while his daughter Layla and son London were born to his soon-to-be-wife, Alaina.

Though the Rose children have different mothers, they know their blended family situation and share a sibling bond.

The whole Rose family including Derrick, Alaina, children PJ, Layla, and London celebrating 2022 Christmas together.
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PJ Rose

Derrick Jr. aka PJ was born in Chicago on October 9, 2012, when his father and mother were still engaged.

After they broke up, PJ grew up under his mom's care though his father regularly attended to him.

The 12-year-old is an active anti-bullying advocate who has followed in his parent's footsteps in sports and fashion. 

He is a growing basketball player playing for the school team and even bagging some wins on his way to NBA. This young man hopes to achieve as big as his dad in the court of the NBA.

Derrick Rose and his son, Derrick Jr. had during a game in Chicago in November 2021.
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PJ's Instagram is run by his mom and dad and has garnered over 157k followers. The posts suggest that he maintains a loving relationship with his younger siblings and looks after them as their elder brother.

On the 2022 Christmas day, PJ and his mom first celebrated the day with Derrick, Alaina, and their two kids while they returned to their Chicago home the same day.

Hence, this blended basketball-fashion clan is quite a fantastic family living in peace.

Layla Malibu Rose

The eldest and only daughter of the Rose clan was born in 2018 and celebrates her birthday on March 5 each year.

She is also the second child of her father after PJ Rose, with whom she shares a deep connection and follows around whenever they are together.

Little Layla Malibu (on left) with mom Alaina and younger brother London during a December 2022 event in Chicago.
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They often meet at the NBA court during their daddy's game and join him in their free time. 

Meanwhile, little Layla usually sticks with her mother, Alaina, for workout sessions. The mom-daughter duo's workout video became quite popular among NBA viewers in 2019 when Anderson was close to delivering her son.

Today, Ms. Rose has evolved as a social media personality as her parents run her Instagram handle.

London Marley Rose

London Marley Rose is the youngest son and child of his NBA player father, Derrick.
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London Marley is Derrick and Alaina's second child and the youngest son. He was born on May 25, 2019, a year junior to sister Layla.

Like his sister, this young lad also maintains an equally loving bond with the eldest brother PJ.

Thus, the three Rose kids do not miss any chance to have fun wherever they go, be it the NBA court sessions or a family get-together.

Derrick maintains a familial bond with all his kids and their mother.
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Moreover, Alaina's two children often visit Chicago from their New York home to meet PJ to have fun moments with him, as seen on this little one's Instagram.

These three Rose kids' bonding has brought their mothers closer than ever, making them best friends. With much love, all six members of this famed family have grown up to have a respective fan following all these years.