Did Ashley Williams Have Plastic Surgery? Here Is Why The 'Two Tickets to Paradise' Actress Looks So Different Now

The stunning actress Ashley Williams ( Source : Heavy )

Ashley Williams is a notable American actress who roses to fame with her performance on the comedy series The Jim Gaffigan Show.

Her appearance in Good Morning Miami's NBC sitcom has also made her well-known. The stunning actress also appeared in the CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother as Victoria.

Williams attributes several movies and television shows to Hollywood. She has worked in independent cinema, regional theater, Broadway, and studio productions.

As of now, she is cast as Hannah in the 2022 film titled Two Tickets to Paradise. She is starring opposite actor Ryan Paevey, and Dustin Rikert directs it.

Did Ashley Williams Have Plastic Surgery?

There are speculations regarding Ashley Williams' plastic surgery on the internet. Netizens claim the actress performed artificial procedures to keep herself youthful.

However, she hasn't spoken about anything related to such cosmetic treatment. She must keep up with regular exercise and a good diet to maintain herself beautiful and fit.

Actress Williams enjoying her self time
Actress Williams enjoying her self time ( Source : Instagram )

Many online users with differing perspectives raised numerous queries about her plastic surgery. Some even commented that her lip and nostril had changed recently.

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Ashley Williams's Before And After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Many people compare her before and after pictures to clarify that Ashley Williams has not undergone plastic surgery.

It is also meaningless to question her fantastic physique and flawless appearance and whether or not she has undergone any cosmetic treatments.

Ashely Williams with her husband Neal Dodson
Ashely Williams with her husband Neal Dodson ( Source : Instagram )

Ashley's beautiful and curvy shape makes her look gorgeous without plastic surgery. She made her film debut in 1993 with "Indian Summer."

She has always matched her natural attractiveness with acting chops in each film. The actress appears naturally beautiful with a fantastic personality.

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Ashley Williams's Age Gap With Husband Neal Dodson

"Two Tickets to Paradise" star Ashley Williams wedded filmmaker Neal Dodson on 29 May 2011. 

Williams' age is presently 43, and she was born on 12 November 1978. Her birth place is Westchester County, New York.

On the other hand, Dodson just turned 44 years old on 17 May 2022. He is a native of York, Pennsylvania.

Observing their birth date, we learn that Williams and her spouse, Dodson, have only six months of an age difference.

The lovely couple is now the parents of two children, Gus Williams, and Odie Sal Dodson.

Their elder son, Gus Williams, is seven now. While Odie Sal, the youngest, is five years of age.

Ashley Williams and a friend's little child
Ashley Williams and a friend's little child ( Source : Instagram )

Before the birth of her second son, she was pregnant in 2016. Unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage when she was two months pregnant.

In association with the Human Development Project, Ashley spoke publically about the tragedy to lessen the taboo of miscarriage and inspire more women to do the same.

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