What Happened With Jack Manifold, Did He Really Die? Minecraft Youtuber Death Rumors

Jack Manifold is a well-known Minecraft Livestream ( Source : Scoopearth )

Jack Manifold, a well-known Minecraft Livestream, is reportedly dead; however, the official source has not yet confirmed the rumors.

British gamer and Twitch streamer known online as Thunder140802, he is best known for his Minecraft gameplay videos.

Jack started playing Minecraft games live on Twitch in the year 2019.

Did Youtuber Jack Manifold Really Die? Death Rumors And Past Controversy

Jack Manifold doesn't seem to be dead because there has been no news of his passing.

However, he was recently involved in a significant scandal. Regarding a debate he and content creator Mizkif had on stream, the 19-year-old YouTuber and Twitch streamer came under fire.

The topic of discussion was GeorgeNotFound, a well-known Minecraft streamer, and his younger, female audience. Users on Twitch and Reddit took the issue quite seriously, and a Jack recently addressed it.

After Jack was highlighted in one of Mizkif's streams, the debate erupted. Mizkif was referring to the viewers of Minecraft streamer GeorgeNotFound, who had adolescent girls who were "obsessed" with his content on YouTube and Twitch. 

When Mizkif said that 15-year-old girls were fixated on George, Jack's "Yes" response, which effectively agreed with him, drew him into the debate. Then, Mizkif continued by inquiring about Dream's appearance and the integrity of his most recent "doxxing" episode. Jack's response that he didn't know made him appear uneasy.

Another video from a Twitch stream aired by prominent Minecraft YouTuber Ph1LzA, who was playing with another YouTuber named Wilbur Soot at the time, added gasoline to the fire. The man in the video, Ph1LzA, is asked by Wilbur to tell him "anything that teenage girls may be interested in without being made fun of."

Jack Manifold Dating Life With Nihachu

Jack and Twitch streamer Nihachu are said to be dating, despite the fact that they haven't spoken publicly about it.

Their fans are awaiting for them to speak about their relationship. On the other hand, Wilbur Soot participated in the "Rajjchelors" dating competition in February 2020 and teamed up with Nihachu. 

They haven't yet discussed their personal lives. They both have a significant sense of privacy as they rarely disclose personal information to the media.