How Did DJKaySlay Die? Illness And Death Cause Revealed - Wife And Children Name

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Legendary DJKaySlay died because of a critical health complication. He was known as The Drama King. Dez. Slap Your Favorite DJ.

DJKaySlay, the American disc jockey (DJ), passed away following COVID-9 Battle, confirmed by HipHopDX. As reported on HipHop, Van Silk, the veteran Hip Hop promoter, confirmed the death news of DJKaySlay.

Netizens are paring tribute to his sudden death. They remembered him for his Goldmine knowledge. 

What Happened To DJKaySlay? Death Cause And Illness Details

As reported on HipHop, the legendary DJKaySlay died because of a COVID-19-related illness.

The 55- years-old DJ died on Easter Sunday, April 17. He was in critical condition for more than four months. According to Billboard, DJ was battling COVID-19 on a ventilator in the hospital.

Wack100, a verified IG account, prayed for his recovery. But, God didn't grant their wishes. DJ left behind all his followers and fans to rest in peace.

Several Twitter users pay tribute to him by sharing his photo through their Twitter accounts.

Hot 97 reported that DJKaySlay's family sent their appreciation for the outpouring of prayers, support, and love.

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Explore DJKaySlay Age & Wife On Wikipedia

Fans searched for DJKaySlay's age and wife on Wikipedia after his demise.

The 55-years-old record executive from The New York might have dated numerous ladies. On surveying his Instagram account @dJKayslay, he had roamed with many ladies in the shared pictures.

Many hot ladies roamed around him and loved him for his rap talent and skills. All the ladies love to be with him.

However, the legendary actor had not opened up about his relationship status to the media. Many media reported him to be single.

Reportedly, the DJ dated Buffie Carruth, the model-fitness instructor. But they never got married. Buffie is now happily married to John Lewis and resides in South Carolina.

Estimate DJKaySlay Net Worth-His Profession

As reported in Celebrity's net worth, the estimated net worth of DJKaySlay is $6 million.

According to ZipRecruiter, the American DJ earns $58,267 per year. It is equivalent to $28 per hour. New York-born musician was the real gem of HipHop town.

From 2003 to 2009, the rapper released his debut album, The Streetsweeper, Vol.1. Likewise, he released a song entitled Too Much For Me in the summer of 2003.

DJKaySlay was more than just a DJ. He is known as the New York Times' Hip-Hop's One-Man Ministry of Insults. 

Starting from age 12, he has launched numerous tracks like Not Your Average Hoe, Freestyle, Hocus Pocus, Tolling 110 Deep, 50 Shot Ya, Rolling 50 Deep, and many more.

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