Does Tami Roman Have Eating Disorder? How Did She Lose Weight?

Tami Roman has mostly appeared with her skinny looks but is stage-2 diabetes patient. ( Source : Newstimes )

Tami Roman is back on the screen with VH1's show entitled "Caught in the Act: Unfaithful." She will help people to crack down on cheating partners. 

Her real name is Tamisha Akbar, an American television personality, businesswoman, and actress who gained fame after The Real World: Los Angeles in 1993. She was seen in television shows and movies in supporting roles. VH1's Basketball Wives became her breakthrough. 

Does Tami Roman Have Eating Disorder? 

The Basketball Wives star Tami Roman has an eating disorder resulting from body dysmorphic disorder (BBD), in which one cannot stop thinking about the flaws in one's personal appearance. She mentioned battling with the condition since her young teenage days. Roman was just 13 years then and wanted to be a model. 

She resided in New York then and had gone to an agency for modeling as a teenager. She was already five foot nine inches and weighed less than 120 pounds. Tami stated that she thought they would easily sign her in, but the lady in the firm took the teenager with dreams in front of the mirror and showed her her bodily imperfections. 

Roman was shown her back folds, fatty knee, double chin, and saggy bust. After she returned home with the shattered dream of becoming a model, she watched herself in the mirror and saw flaws in her body every time she looked.

As a result, she had only thought in her head that to become a model, she needed to become skinner and started to thrive for it. She even did mouth-wired shut to keep herself from eating and losing weight.  

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How Did Tami Roman Lose Weight?

Tami has always been opened regarding her weight loss struggles to her fans. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with diabetes, contributing to gaining mass again. She reached 185 pounds and decided she needed to shred the fat she had regained. 

Tami Roman before and after she went through weight loss.
Tami Roman before and after she went through weight loss. ( Source : Lakecountyfloridanews )

As mentioned by Shape, she made changes to her diet and also used weight losing pill NV Clinical. She revealed she lost seven pounds in the first week of taking the pills without significantly changing her daily life activity.  

As a result, with the help of mixed supplements and changes in her diet, the television personality was able to lose 30 pounds. As a result, she is now the face of the company and can be seen branding the different products in the market. 

Does Tami Roman Have Kids With Husband Reggie Youngblood?

Tami Roman is a mother of two kids and has been married twice. She tied the knot with Reggie Youngblood in August 2018. She is also blessed with two daughters Lyric Chanel born in 1994, and Jazz Anderson, born in 1996. 

Both of her daughters are from her first marriage. On 26 August 1994, she took a vow with NBA player Kenny Anderson. But they parted ways in 2001 after a divorce in February of the same year. 

Tami Roman with her husband Reginald (Reggie) Youngblood
Tami Roman with her husband Reginald (Reggie) Youngblood ( Source : Eonline )

As stated by The Grio, Tami and Reggie also tried to have children together but were unsuccessful. The reality personality has previously revealed plans to use a surrogate to conceive a child. Roman has since revealed that she has given her spouse the odd option of having a child with another woman.

Net Worth Comparison Of Tami Roman With Her Husband

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tami Roman, an American reality star, has a net worth of $3.5 million compared to her former husband, Kenny Anderson, $800 thousand. 

But talking about her spouse Reggie, his professionalism is yet to be revealed. But looking at the post he uploads, he seems to be living a luxurious life. It looks like he is a foodie and likes to travel a lot.