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Reddit Claims Doobydobap Have A Boyfriend In 2022 While Rumors Of Her Dating Sam Way Spreads

Tina Choi aka Doobydobap casual photoshoot during a dayout, while wearing COS's clothes, APC bag and shoes from Thrifted.
Source : instagram

Tina Choi, famous by the name Doobydobap, is a renowned food vlogger and content creator who makes digital recipes for various food items.

A food scientist by profession, Tina has made a massive fanbase as the chef of the digital era.

Similarly, her fans are curious if she has a boyfriend who can enjoy her delicious cooking. But judging from her social media updates, she seems single or has refrained from sharing her love interests with the public.

Doobydobap has gained substantial fame through her original recipes and cooking videos on TikTok and Youtube. With many recipes for cuisines that make cooking look simple, her video content has accumulated a following of 3.4 million on TikTok and almost 850k on Instagram.

She has more than 81 million likes on her TikTok, proving how much people appreciate her videos. One can follow her on any social media platform by searching her username Doobydobap, as she shares her new videos on all platforms. 

Some Quick Facts About DoobyDobap

Real Name Tina Choi
Age25 ( Born December 13, 1997)
BirthplaceSouth Korea
EthnicitySouth Korean
BoyfriendNot Confirmed
ProfessionFood Vlogger

Doobydobap promoting the release of her new vlog as she reached 2 Million subscribers on YouTube.
Source : instagram

Who Is Doobydobap Boyfriend In 2022?

Doobydobap does not have a boyfriend, as per the official records, but many fans have speculated that she could be dating Sam Way. 

More specifically, Reddit users made many possible connections between Doobydobap and Sam and had an active discussion about their relationship. 

After the claims, the internet and social media faced numerous queries from her fans to confirm her love life. 

Apparently, the whole matter originated after the pair shared a cooking collaboration video on Instagram and TikTok. Interestingly, they paired up for the video since both are chefs and food influencers. In addition, neither Doobydobap nor Sam way has confirmed the rumors yet, making the matter uncertain in many ways. 

Likewise, looking at her Instagram, she seems to enjoy a single life while occasionally collaborating on cooking videos with other chefs. 

In a recent update, there could be something between her and the guy she shared in the Halloween post on Instagram. She had a night out with a mystery guy, which had her followers debate regarding who he was actually. One guy even commented that it looked like Henry Cavill, the famous “Geralt of Rivia,” while others argued he looked like Nate from Euphoria. 

Meanwhile, Tina has not replied to any of the claims, as she seems to enjoy keeping her fans in suspense. 

Doobydobap and her mystery partner had a night out on Halloween.jpg
Source : instagram

Nevertheless, as we can see in the pictures, she had a scary night out where she had memorable moments and a joyful time with him.

Doobydobap Aka Tina Choi Relationship History

Doobydobap or Tina Choi is a 25 years old chef, who was born on December 13, 1997, in South Korea, but was raised in the United States. 

The food vlogger Tina does not seem to have many romantic encounters in her life as her social media accounts fail to highlight posts of her relationships and love life.

Aside from occasional collaboration posts with other chefs, the only picture that has raised people’s curiosity is the one from the Halloween of 2022. 

Food vlogger Tina Choi aka Doobydobap spending her valentines day with her mother on a night at the beach.
Source : instagram

Beginning with Tiktok, Doobydobap shared her recordings for the virtual satisfaction of many food enthusiasts before moving on to other platforms. 

One of her most memorable videos is from February 18, 2021, when she uploaded a "How About We Make Kimchi" tutorial to YouTube. Similarly, her recipe for "Bean Stew OIL BIANG NOODLES" has also received over 7.2 million views on TikTok, making it one of the most popular videos.

Some FAQs

Where is Doobydobap Now?

Doobydobap is currently based in South Korea, but she mostly travels around the cities of the world, trying various cuisines.

What is Doobydobap Real Name?

The real name of Doobydobap is Tina Choi, who is a Korean-American food vlogger from South Korea.

Does Doobydobap Have A Boyfriend?

Doobydobap does not have a boyfriend officially and she appears to be single based on her social media updates.