Who Is Dre McCray Husband In Coma And What Happened To Him? Slay With Dre McCray

Dre McCray in the holiday vibes ( Source : Instagram )

Dre McCray is a public figure who is viral on TikTok under the username @xo.cray. She also owns a business called Blingin' On A Budget, which sells accessories.

In addition, she has a YouTube channel called Andrea McCray with thousands of subscribers. It currently has more than 36.7k followers. Her other channel is available as The McCray Tribe, with 7.62K subscribers.

For her cosmetic tutorials and other original material, McCray is well recognized. She has shared a few videos on her YouTube account featuring her devoted spouse Vonny.

Currently, Dre seems to be having a difficult time as her husband is in a coma. She frequently posts updates about her husband's health on TikTok.

Who Is Dre McCray's Husband And What Happened To Him? 

Dre McCray's husband is Vonny, a military veteran. Seven years into their marriage, the couple reportedly prepared for their official nuptials.

Unfortunately, something went wrong, and Vonny is presently in a coma. However, McCray believes that her prayers will undoubtedly cure her husband's ailment.

@xo.cray My heart!!! 😭😭😭 I'm in tears writing this. The way his mama (great grandma but real mother nonetheless) raised him, loves him, nurtures him, and soothes him makes my heart so full!! Just look at the way he responds to her voice!! I can't 😭😭😭 He is such a special man. I love him so much!!! #JehovahHealVonshine ♬ original sound - Dre McCray

According to McCray on TikTok, her darling spouse, Vonny, sustained a brain injury. The lady is now fully concentrating on her husband's recovery.

She wrote a message on Instagram on June 16 indicating Von's surgery was a success. The trach and the g-tube have been inserted, she added.

At this point, the additional facts regarding his injury, the diagnosis, and the prognosis are irrelevant. 

She said the accurate information would be released once Vonny recovered and came out of the hospital.

Everyone's heart will be warmed by McCray's love and care for her husband and the amount of thought and effort she has put into his recovery.

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Insights On Slay With Dre McCray Weight Loss Journey

Andrea McCray is popularly known as Slay With Dre McCray on Facebook. Lately, the social media influencer has lost a sizable amount of her weight.

In January 2022, she posted photos of her transformation, showing off her seven-month weight loss journey.

"I've loved myself at every size," she wrote, "I love myself even more now because I'm showing respect to my body with food."

Dre McCray weight reduction before and after pictures
Dre McCray weight reduction before and after pictures ( Source : Instagram )

With Dr. Sebi's guidance, she made dietary changes, including the addition of sea moss, moringa, and herbal teas, which have all revolutionized the way her body recovers from ailments.

She has filmed her weight loss journey on her YouTube channel to educate people about this lifestyle in depth.

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Dre McCray Net Worth: How Much Does She Have Now?

De McCray's net worth should be around $285 to $1.71K. However, the correction data on her earnings haven't been released.

As per reports, she pockets more than $100 weekly thanks to her YouTube channel. Since she began her YouTube journey, it has been almost 11 years.

The specifics of McCray's finances are yet unknown. Meanwhile, she is more focused on her husband's quick recovery.

Through this article, we wish Vonny good health and salute Andrea for her bravery during this challenging time.

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