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Meet Drew Drechsel Partner April Beckner - Is The American Ninja Warrior Champion Still In Jail?

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Drew Drechsel, the boyfriend of the gym trainer April Beckner, is a winner of the American ninja warrior who has been charged with sexual activity with a minor and imprisoned in jail for 95 years. 

Drechsel is an athlete and used to be a member of an American ninja warrior. However, after the incident, he served from the warrior group. Also, he is the trainer of Hamden Ninja Academy and used to work alongside her girlfriend, April Beckner. 

Who Is April Beckner? Drew Drechsel Wife Or Girlfriend

April is known as the girlfriend of the American ninja warrior Drechsel. Additionally, she was born in Gainesville, Florida, on May 3, 1995. She is currently 27 years old. The trainer has joined Westwood Middle School. Beckner is the daughter of Amy Miller Beckner, a local funeral home director.  

Further, Miranda is her sister of April. Also, she is an athlete who has a keen interest in sports. She has participated in the ninja games. In 2017, April reached the final position in the National Ninja League. After that, she started working with her boyfriend, Drechsel. 

April and Drew before he was sentenced to jail.
April and Drew before he was sentenced to jail.

Beckner has joined New Era Gym as a trainer. She has taken the position of Ninja camp director and became the head assistant of Hamden Ninja Amdemy in the competition. Additionally, the couple has been together for the long term. They have got gifted with Korey Kade Drechesl. He was born on December 1, 2019. 

Currently, Korey is two years old. April has announced about her child on her social account. However, after the charges of Drechsel, she has kept herself out of the social platform. She has deleted all the social sites and remained silent about her boyfriend's case. 

Is Drew Drechsel The American Ninja Warrior Champion In Jail?

Yes, Drechsel, the American ninja warrior in jail after the sexual allegation with a minor. He has got sentenced to 95 years of imprisonment for his crime. After the case, the American Ninja warrior cut ties with the previous winner Drechsel. 

Drew Dreschel has been arrested for alleged sex crimes involving a minor.
Drew Dreschel has been arrested for alleged sex crimes involving a minor.

Further, the athlete has got arrested in his Florida home after he sexually used a minor. He used to travel from Florida to New Jersey to have sex with a girl. After, the minor mother asked Drew about the case. He has replied about the unknown of the minor. 

Where Is Drew Drechsel Today? 2022 Update

Drechsel is in prision. He got charged with a sexual allegation against a minor and sentenced to 95 years in jail. As a result, he is serving for engaging in sexual activity with a minor. Additionally, the athlete has asked the girl to send him an irrelevant picture of her body parts. 

As a result, Drechsel has levied for using a child and manipulating the girl. Also, he has imposed child pornography. He had carried out sexual activities from 2015 to December 2016. However, his girlfriend has not kept light on the matter.

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