20 Best Pet Duck Breeds For Your Backyards

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If you're considering adding a feathered friend to your backyard, a pet duck might just be the perfect choice.

Not only are ducks adorable and entertaining to watch, but they also make great companions. However, with numerous duck breeds to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is best suited for your backyard. They are great as compared to egg-laying hens or chicken breeds for backyards as ducks have both the qualities.

Whether you're looking for a duck that lays delicious eggs, a breed that thrives in a small space, or simply a friendly and low-maintenance pet, this article will guide you through the top duck breeds that are ideal for your backyard.

1. Magpie

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The Magpie duck is an excellent choice for backyard enthusiasts seeking an affable and productive waterfowl companion. Sporting a distinctive black and white color pattern, these medium-sized ducks charm with their elegance. Known for their prolific egg-laying abilities, Magpies can produce around 220-290 large white eggs annually.

Their calm demeanor makes them suitable for family settings, while their efficient foraging habits contribute to pest control. Whether for eggs or companionship, the Magpie duck's versatility and pleasant disposition make it a standout choice for backyard duck keeping.

2. Pekin

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The Pekin duck is renowned for its snowy white plumage and distinct orange bill. With a friendly and docile temperament, these ducks make delightful companions making it great as a pet duck to raise in the backyard. While not the most prolific egg layers, they contribute a respectable 140-200 large white eggs annually. 

Pekins reach a substantial mature size, around 3.5 to 5.4 kilograms, making them both sturdy and attractive. Thriving in a variety of climates, their adaptability to diverse temperatures adds to their appeal as a favored backyard duck breed.

3. Muscovy

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The Muscovy duck variety is a superb choice for backyard raising as it stands out with its distinctive appearance, featuring a red facial caruncle and striking plumage variations. Known for their calm and friendly demeanor, Muscovy ducks make great companions.

Apart from companionship, muscovy ducks also contribute around 80-120 eggs annually. Their larger size, reaching 2.7 to 4.5 kilograms, adds to their appeal for both meat and eggs. Muscovy ducks adapt well to diverse climates, thriving in a range of temperatures, making them an excellent addition to backyard flocks.

4. Ancona Duck

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The Ancona Duck is a delightful breed known for its striking black and white mottled plumage captures attention with its charming appearance. Hailing from Italy, this medium-sized duck is a prolific layer, producing around 210-280 large white eggs annually.

Renowned for its friendly disposition, the Ancona Duck adapts well to various climates. Its versatility, both in terms of temperament and adaptability, makes it a popular choice for backyard enthusiasts seeking both companionship and a consistent supply of fresh, sizable eggs.

5. Mallard

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The Mallard is another excellent duck variety to raise in backyard settings. With its vibrant green head, white neck ring, and brownish body, it is a visually appealing duck. Mallards are known for their calm and friendly temperament, making them suitable for families with children.

They are also reliable egg layers, producing around 200-300 eggs per year. In terms of size, Mallards are medium-sized ducks, with males weighing around 2-3 kilograms and females slightly smaller. They are adaptable to various climates and temperature preferences, thriving in both warm and cold environments.

6. Indian Runner

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The Indian Runner is known for its distinctive upright stance and slender body, the Indian Runner is a highly active and curious breed. They are excellent foragers and can be relied upon to eat insects, snails, and other pests in the garden, making them ideal for natural pest control.

Indian Runners are also prolific egg layers, producing around 200-300 eggs per year. Their calm and friendly nature, coupled with their adaptability to different climates, makes them a popular choice for backyard duck enthusiasts.

7. Orpington

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The Orpington duck, with its dignified and attractive appearance, is an excellent choice for backyard enthusiasts. Known for its calm and friendly temperament, it adds a serene ambiance to any flock. While not the most prolific egg layer, they average around 150-220 large white eggs annually.

The Orpington makes up for less number of eggs with its substantial size, reaching approximately 3.5 to 4.5 kilograms. This adaptable breed thrives in various climates, showing resilience to temperature fluctuations, making it a delightful and well-rounded addition to backyard duckkeeping.

8. Swedish Blue

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The Swedish Blue duck is an excellent choice for those seeking a pet duck. With its striking blue plumage and gentle nature, this variety is not only visually appealing but also easy to handle. Their sociable and friendly disposition makes them a joy to have as pets.

Swedish Blues are known for their calm temperament, making them suitable for families with children or individuals looking for a docile companion. Additionally, they are highly adaptable and can thrive in various climates, making them a versatile choice for both urban and rural environments.

9. Silver Appleyard Duck

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The Silver Appleyard is an excellent duck variety for keeping as a pet or in your backyard garden. It showcases a beautiful appearance with its silver plumage, orange feet, and bill. They are known for their friendly and calm temperament, making them a great choice for families.

Silver Appleyards are also prolific layers, producing around 200-280 large white eggs per year. In terms of size, they are considered medium to large ducks, making them an attractive addition to any backyard flock. Moreover, they are adaptable to various climates and temperature preferences, making them suitable for different regions.

10. Golden Cascade

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Golden Cascade duck variety is suitable for keeping as a pet in a backyard. These ducks are known for their friendly and docile nature, making them excellent companions. They are relatively small in size, making them suitable for backyard settings.

The Golden Cascade ducks are excellent foragers and can help control pests in the yard, such as slugs and snails. They are also good egg layers, producing around 200-250 large white eggs per year. With proper care, shelter, and access to water, these ducks can thrive in a backyard environment and provide both companionship and practical benefits.

11. Black East Indian Duck

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The Black East Indian Duck, prized for its exquisite iridescent black plumage, stands out as an ideal backyard companion. With a calm and docile temperament, these ducks are excellent for family settings.

While not the most prolific egg layers, averaging around 80-120 white or blue-green eggs annually, their petite size, reaching 1.4 to 2 kilograms, makes them manageable for smaller spaces. Adaptable to various climates, these ducks thrive in moderate temperatures, adding both beauty and practicality to backyard flocks.

12. Abacot Ranger

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The Abacot Ranger is a delightful pet duck with a striking appearance. It boasts a beautiful mix of white and fawn feathers with distinct markings on its head and back. Known for its friendly and docile temperament, this duck variety is perfect for families with children.

It is an excellent egg layer, producing around 200 to 280 large white eggs per year. In terms of size, the Abacot Ranger is medium to large, weighing around 6 to 8 pounds. This breed thrives in a variety of climates and is adaptable to both hot and cold temperatures.

13. Rouen

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The Rouen duck is a gem of a duck breed boasting a captivating appearance reminiscent of the Mallard. With vibrant plumage and a calm temperament, it's an ideal companion for backyard enthusiasts. They lay around 150-180 large eggs annually, its friendly disposition and adaptability compensate. 

Growing to a robust size of 4.5-6.8 kilograms, the Rouen excels in various climates. This breed thrives in moderate temperatures, making it a charming and practical addition to backyard flocks seeking a balance of companionship and reliable egg production.

14. Call Duck

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The Call Duck, a delightful and diminutive companion, is a perfect addition to any backyard flock. With its petite size and charming quirkiness, these ducks form strong bonds with their human caregivers. Known for their friendly and sociable nature, Call Ducks bring joy and entertainment to the flock.

Their endearing personalities make them an ideal choice for those seeking feathered companionship in a small, manageable package. With their gentle demeanor and charming quacks, Call Ducks enrich the backyard experience with their delightful presence.

15. Buff Duck

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The Buff Duck is cherished as a delightful companion that enchants with its warm, buff-colored plumage. Renowned for its friendly and gentle demeanor, this breed thrives on companionship, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a feathered friend.

They lay a modest number of eggs averaging 140-180 large white eggs annually, their affectionate nature compensates. The Buff Duck's calm disposition and adaptability ensure a harmonious presence in any backyard, adding both charm and companionship to the daily rhythm of life.

16. Khaki Campbell

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The Khaki Campbell is a superb choice for backyard duck enthusiasts, presenting a sleek and khaki-colored plumage, combining elegance with practicality. Known for their docile temperament, these ducks are ideal companions.

Renowned as one of the best laying duck breeds, the Khaki Campbell consistently produces a remarkable 280-320 large white eggs annually. With a mature size of around 2.3 to 2.7 kilograms, they adapt well to various climates, thriving in temperate conditions. Their winning combination of sociability, prolific egg-laying, and adaptability makes them a top choice for backyard flocks.

17. Cayuga

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The Cayuga Duck is known for its iridescent green-black plumage and is a captivating and dual-purpose breed. Originating in the United States, particularly in New York, these ducks are prized for both their ornamental appeal and meat production. With a calm demeanor, Cayugas make excellent backyard companions.

They lay approximately 100-150 large, dark-colored eggs annually. As medium-sized waterfowl, Cayuga Ducks are hardy and adaptable, thriving in various climates. Their striking appearance and versatile qualities make them a delightful addition to any duck enthusiast's flock.

18. Welsh Harlequin

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The Welsh Harlequin duck breed is a fantastic choice for companionship and backyard gardens due to its friendly and docile nature. These ducks are known for their calm and sociable temperament, making them excellent pets and easy to handle.

Additionally, their smaller size and ability to forage make them well-suited for backyard gardens, as they can help control pests and fertilize the soil. With their beautiful plumage and affectionate behavior, Welsh Harlequins are a delightful addition to any backyard setting.

19. Saxony

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The Saxony duck breed is a great choice as a pet and backyard garden companion. With their calm and friendly demeanor, they are easy to handle and make wonderful companions. Saxony ducks are known for being sociable and enjoy interacting with their owners, making them a delight to have around.

Moreover, they are a dual-purpose breed, which means they not only make excellent pets but also provide a decent amount of meat and eggs. Additionally, their attractive plumage adds beauty to any backyard garden. Overall, the Saxony breed is a fantastic choice for those seeking a friendly pet and a helpful garden companion.

20. Crested Duck

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The Crested Duck is recognized for its distinctive appearance that features a stylish crest atop its head, enhancing its charm. This breed, known for its dual-purpose utility, excels in both meat and egg production. With a calm demeanor, Crested Ducks adapt well to various environments, making them suitable for backyard flocks.

Their white plumage and endearing crest make them stand out. These ducks typically weigh between 7 to 8 pounds, providing a balance of size and functionality for those seeking an appealing and versatile duck breed.