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Dunta Robinson Wife Jennifer Robinson and Family Life

Dunta and Jennifer got married in may 2014 and live a blissful life in Atlanta
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Dunta Robinson wife Jennifer Robinson is the owner of Ignite Your Sol Yoga organization. Dunta Robinson has five children. 

Dunta is a former NFL cornerback who was drafted 10th overall in the 1st round by Houston Texans in 2004. 

Robinson played his college career for the University of South Carolina. In 2004, he signed with the Texans and then played with them till 2009. After that, he joined Atlanta Falcons, and his late career highlights were present for the Kansas City Chiefs.

As a defensive player, Dunta has made more than 500 tackles in his career and made 17 interceptions. He has also achieved the PFWA Defensive Rookie of the Year award too. 

Meanwhile, Dunta's spouse Jennifer has been by his side and supported him both on and off the football field.

Dunta Robinson Married Life

Dunta Robinson and Jennifer Shunta Robinson married on May 10, 2014. 

Dunta and Jennifer have been dating since their high school days.
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The couple started dating in 1999 when Dunta was 17 and Jennifer was 15. Jennifer even sacrificed her college athletic career to focus on her relationship.

In 2013, Dunta and Jennifer decided to go on a vacation to the Dominican Republic and then eventually planned to marry in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2014. Since then, they have created many memorable moments together. 

The couple also hung out together in February 2019 during Super Bowl week. Dunta shared an adorable photo of them on his IG handle and captioned that it was fun to be with his spouse. He also complimented Jennifer by stating she doesn't lack anything, mind, body, or soul. 

The couple enjoyed the Super Bowl weekend in 2019 in their stylish uniform
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On April 2, 2022, Dunta and Jennifer went to watch the LA Lakers game in the stadium. Jennifer shared their photos on her Instagram with the caption, "Love and Basketball."

The married couple currently live in Atlanta, Georgia, with their kids.

Who is Jennifer Robinson?

Jennifer works as a Yoga Instructor for her company, Ignite Your Sol Yoga.

Jennifer is a Yoga instructor who organizes virtual training sessions for women.
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As a yoga enthusiast, Jennifer has put her company's information on her Instagram and Facebook accounts. She has helped many women during the Covid-19 pandemic through virtual sessions. Now, she is planning to introduce clothing to her brand too.

Jennifer went to Clarke Central High School and met Dunta as a sophomore. Her original family name is McRae,

Dunta's spouse has a passion for fitness and has showcased it on her Instagram and promoted her company simultaneously. 

On May 4, 2021, Jennifer shared a short clip on her Instagram promoting her Yoga session and told her followers to join her in the virtual meetup. 

She frequently posts about her company's events on her Instagram, providing giveaways and registration information.

Jennifer also entered the Yoga Warrior contest in March 2021, shared the happy news on her IG, and told her followers to vote for her. One user even commented on her great arms. 

Dunta Robinson Children

Dunta has five children: Aiden, Jade, Cody, Beyla and Kyan Robinson.

Dunta has five kids who have all grown up to join school today
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Aiden is the eldest child, whereas Kyan is the youngest one.

 The Robinson family shares a close bond with their kids and shares many of their life highlights on their Instagram. 

Dunta posted about his children on his second IG handle on August 12, 2022, saying it was a great feeling watching them grow up and in school.

Jennnifer also shared a similar Instagram post in August 2021, spreading happiness about all her kids officially going to school after the youngest, Kyan joined 1st grade. One user commented, " That is a beautiful team. Great job, mom."

Aiden is a DJ Artist

Aiden has a passion for music and pursued becoming a DJ artist. 

Dunta shared his son's official DJ business card on his Instagram on August 19, 2022.

Aiden is a DJ artist who has initiated his own business to produce music services.
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Dunta also said in the caption that he was passing Aiden's DJ services and talked about his in-depth knowledge of old and new school music genres.  

Beyla is a Gymnast

Beyla has got involved in Gymnastics at her school. 

Jennifer is a proud mama as she is not shy to showcase Beyla's athletic passion on her Instagram. 

On August 28, 2022, Jennifer posted about her Gymnastics career and talked about Beyla's strong start to the Level 4 season by winning gold in the All Round and Vault. 

Beyla has become successful in her junior years as a Gymnast.
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Jennifer shared another Instagram post in which she pridefully talked about her daughter's success in the Bounders Beach Bah 2022 tournament. Beyla took gold in the Vault and All-Round in her division. The comment section was filled with congratulatory remarks to Beyla. 

Jennifer also shared happy news about Beyla gearing up for the State competition on December 8, 2022. Jennifer shared a short video on her Instagram about her preparation and how the Robinson family supported her. 

Kayn has a Football Interest

Kayn has been playing football for the youth team 3D Champs.

The team is associated with Dunta Robinson Foundation, so it is evident that Dunta and Jennifer are proud of him. 

Jennifer shared a short IG video of her son Kayn in his team's gear on October 31, 2022, performing a great offense. She also wrote in her caption that it was a great win this weekend against Eastside Ravens in Covington. 

Dunta has passed on his athletic genes to his sons and daughters as they have been successful in their junior years.