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Ed Donatell Wife Shari Donatell and their Family Life

Ed and Shari are married and share three grown up kids today.
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Ed Donatell wife Shari Donatell was born in Aberdeen Washington. Ed and Shari are blessed with three children.

Donatell is a professional American football coach who has spent 42 years in the coaching industry, and 31 of those years have been in the NFL. He has been a defensive coach for most of his career and has specialized in coaching defensive backs. 

Donatell has coordinated four teams, i.e., the Green Bay Packers, the Atlanta Falcons, the University of Washington, and the Denver Broncos.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, Donatell is considered one of the most respected and successful defensive coaches in the NFL and has a proven track record of success in college and professional leagues.

Ed Donatell Married Life

Ed Donantell and Shari met at the University of Washington in the 1980s.

Shari and Ed were featured in their son Steve's Facebook with a caption
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Since then, they have shared many important milestones, including getting married and starting a family.

Donatell has shared his love for Shari on social media, particularly on Facebook. He has kept a photo of her as his cover photo, which shows his deep affection for her.

Shari Donatell Volunteer Service

Shari has participated in a volunteer event organized by the Sacred Heart Community Service and San Francisco 49ers in San Jose. 

Ed's partner assisted in sorting donated clothing and food and helped Sacred Heart families shop for necessities. Shari was accompanied by other ladies from the 49ers, such as Rachael Lange, Director of Public Relations Bob Lange, and Holly Rathman, the spouse of Coach Tom Rathman.

Shari's involvement in this volunteer event shows her dedication to giving back to the community and her willingness to support a great cause like Sacred Heart Community Service.

Ed Donatell Children

Ed Donatell and Shari Donatell have three children: Steve, Brenna and Tom Donatell.

The Donatell Family enjoying the cold waters in a pier
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Tom Donatell and Steve Donatell, in particular, have followed in the footsteps of Ed Donatell to pursue a career in American football. 

Tom Donatell is a Coach  for LA Chargers

Tom has been the coach for the Los Angeles Chargers since 2021. 

Tom is a married man and coaches LA Chargers
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He is in his second season with the team and helped coach safety Derwin James Jr. to play well after missing a season due to injury.

Tom also helped a rookie cornerback transition to the team. Before joining the Chargers, he coached for four seasons with the Seattle Seahawks. He also has coaching experience at the college level and has a background as a player.

Steve is a Coach for the Vikings

Steve Donatell is a coach who has recently joined the Minnesota Vikings as a defensive quality control assistant.

Steve played as a linebacker during his college career
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Steve has five years of coaching experience, with previous roles including defensive quality control analyst for Stanford University and assistant coach in charge of outside linebackers at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Playing collegiate football as a linebacker, Steve was a team captain as a senior at Wake Forest and named ACC Academic All-Conference in 2015. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in communications.

Brenna Donatell lives in Atlanta

Brenna has been married to former US Army Captain Wyatt Batchelor.

Brenna with her husband Wyatt Batchelor during their vacation in 2021.
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Ed's daughter lives with her spouse and kids in Atlanta, Georgia. Brenna showcases her family life on her Facebook

Brenna and Wyatt also made a special event with the 49ers organization and Army Captain Viti (a classmate of Wyatt) to honor fallen service members in World War 2.