Eminifx CEO Eddy Alexandre Arrested! Who Is He And How Much Is He Worth?

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Eddy Alexandre is an American cryptocurrency businessman who is currently in the rumor of getting arrested for the allegations of forgery.

Eddy Alexandre has been active in the business of Cybersecurity engineering for more than 30 years, and within this period, he has garnered a tremendous income.

His arrest took place on a Thursday morning, the 12th of May, and since then, every media have been covering this news creating a global sensation.

Is Eminifx CEO Eddy Alexandre Arrested For Fraud?

Eddy Alexandre, the CEO of EminiFX, a cryptocurrency trading platform, was recently arrested for allegations of fraud.

As per the Federal Bureau of Investigation, he is accused of running a pyramid scheme of $59 million where he had collected a massive sum of money as an investment from hundreds of investors. According to dailyvoice.com, he had promised his investors that he would double their money within five months, promising a 5% weekly return. 

This fraudulent scheme began in September of 2021, and just within eight months, he was able to collect quite a hefty sum. He had been embezzling those funds into adding his assets and other illegal activities. 

Furthermore, he will be facing a judicial trial very soon, and if the judge proves him guilty, he will be facing a punishment of up to 20 years of prison.

Find The Bio Of Eddy Alexandre On Wikipedia 

We are yet to find the bio of Eddy Alexandre on Wikipedia, although several websites have plenty of information about him.

A 50-year-old IT engineer, Eddy is a native of Valley Stream, New York, and he was interested in the field of information technology from a young age. After completing his formal education through several institutions, he began his professional journey in 1998, and since then, he has not looked back.

Also, we can find him on Twitter under @AlexandreEddy, where he usually makes tweets relating to cybersecurity and cryptocurrency, and we can get updates about his current programs. 

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Eddy Alexandre Must Be Worth In Millions

Eddy Alexandre might have garnered a net worth of $15 million - $20 million as of 2022.

He might have been accumulating a handsome amount of money from the business of cryptocurrency and working as an IT professional at the media giant Warner Media. Similarly, he has got a working experience in several companies over three decades, from which he might have added millions.

In recent times, after his arrest, the FBI released the data from where we could know his source of wealth and more about his lavish lifestyle.

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