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Is Eric Knowles Sick? Here Is What Has Happened To The British Antiques Expert

Meet British antiques expert and television personality Eric Knowles
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Eric Knowles is an antique expert and television personality from the United Kingdom specializing in ceramics and glass. For a long time, Eric Knowles has been a regular on the BBC's antique show, Bargain Hunt.

The series' viewers are eager to learn more about the expert. 

What Illness Does Eric Knowles Have?

Eric Knowles examines the evolution of the NHS through the lens of his own traumatic childhood experience. Eric was diagnosed with probable leukemia when he was nine years old and spent six weeks in the hospital.

The experience was lonely but not without its benefits, and the toys he was given started a lifelong passion for collecting. Eric recreates this incident by riding in a 1960s ambulance with a retired ambulance driver along the route he would have traveled to the hospital.

Knowles was finally diagnosed with glandular fever rather than leukemia after weeks of testing. Despite being gravely unwell, his family got spared from an illness that would have killed them. Eric talks with oncologist Dr. Margaret Rokicka to figure out how such a blunder occurred.


He also learns that additional advancements have enabled the NHS to cure most children's leukemia cases. He meets with a young patient who is now having treatment at the hospital.

Eric spends a shift with hospital porters Steven Shaw and Andy McHale, recalling his time as a porter at an auction house. It's strenuous physical labor but directing the trolleys that Eric struggles with.

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What Happened To Eric Knowles? His Health Update in 2022?

Eric Knowles's health update in 2022 is quite good, and he is living a healthy lifestyle. He has been taking good care of his health, does not compromise his food, and has a strict diet routine.

Since childhood, he has suffered from diseases, so he only eats healthy food and regularly visits the doctor. Eric is proud of his heritage in the northwest. He also visits Manchester to see the hospital which was chosen to establish the NHS in 1948.

Knowles learns that the NHS had a difficult time giving birth. He also speaks with a group of cancer survivors about their recent experiences with the NHS. Finally, he travels to Burnley to see the pediatrician's daughter, who treated him so many years ago.

He learns of the doctor's dedication, who refused to wear white coats and would take the entire family to see patients on Christmas Day. He suffered from a disease called glandular fever. Teenagers and young adults are the most commonly affected by glandular fever. It improves without therapy, although it can make you sick and last for weeks.

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Who Is Eric Knowles's Wife, Anita Knowles?

Eric Knowles is well-known for his appearances on Antiques Roadshow and other BBC antique shows. He and his wife Anita married for many years and used to reside with their two sons in Buckinghamshire.

Sebastian, their eldest son, tragically perished in a car accident in May 2015. Anita, his 64-year-old wife, is both his business partner and her partner.

According to Company Check, Anita is the company secretary for Eric Knowles Antiquarian Services Limited. She was appointed in 2002 and was born in May 1957.


They've been married for 30 years and still adore one another as much as they did at the beginning of their relationship. They are incredibly supportive of one another and love each other.

Eric has always known that Anita is the woman he wants to grow old with, that they are soulmates. He considers himself extremely fortunate to have such a loving and caring wife who understands and supports him in all aspects of his life.