Did Todd Chrisley Mother Passed Away? Facts To Know About Family Of The TV Star

Todd Chrisley fans loves the character of his mother Nanny Faye in the their reality show Chrisley Knows Best ( Source : Movieweb )

Rumors about Todd Chrisley's mother Faye aka Nanny Faye, death have surfaced on internet many times before and its still not true as she is still alive.

However, the Chrisleys have lost one of the crucial members of their family. 

Recently, on the Chrisley Confessions podcast on Wednesday, Todd and Julie Chrisley asked their audiences and followers for prayers as they discussed their mental state following their conviction.

According to Daily Mail, following a three-week jury trial, Todd, 53, and Julie, 49, were convicted guilty of federal counts of bank fraud and tax evasion on June 7. Todd expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support from supporters.

The reality stars were found guilty of conspiring to get more than $30 million in loans through fraudulent tactics, and Julie was found guilty of wire fraud and obstructing the course of justice.

Fact Check On, Did Todd Chrisley Mother Pass Away?

Todd Chrisley's mother Faye Chrisley who is renowned as Nanny Faye Chrisley was in death rumors. Meanwhile, the 78-years-old mom is still doing going well and even working as a real estate investor. 

She gained the fandom as the mother of Todd and is best known for her role in the American reality show Chrisley Knows Best.

She is one of the lead roles in the show. As mentioned by Legit, she was born and brought up on a farm in South Carolina, U.S. 

The television sensation is reported to be living in Nashville Tennessee after the show was moved to the location after its third season. Nevertheless, she was not known much until she was cast in the series her son. It first premiered back in March 2014 and mainly focused on Todd, his wife Julie, and their five children. 

Todd lastly uploaded the picture of his mom on social media back a few weeks back on the occasion of mothers day. However, recently saddening news stroke the family after they lost one of their loved ones. 

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More On Todd's Aunt And Faye Chrisley Sister Francis Death

Faye Chrisley's family recently had a great loss after the death of her sister Francis. The show Chrisley Knows Best showed the bonds between the family over the years. 

Nevertheless, Francis was the aunt of Mr.Chrisley. He announced the saddening news following the death of his mother's sister. The siblings were seen in the show as a duo and looked best together. They were seen sharing love and also used to play cards against the disapproval of Todd. 

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Update On Todd Chrisley Family

Todd Chrisley's family also came to the limelight following the show Chrisley Knows Best. The show revolves around the lives of the Wealthy Chrisley family. The reality tv series was based on real estate. 

Lindsie Chrisley daughter of Todd stated she would stand with her family through family's ups and downs.
Lindsie Chrisley daughter of Todd stated she would stand with her family through family's ups and downs. ( Source : People )

Nevertheless, Todd was born to his family on 6 April 1969. His father was Gene Raymond Chrisley and his mother is Faye. He also has two siblings Randy and Derrick. 

He also planned to start his family after first marrying Teresa Terry back in 1990, but they parted in 1996. The same year he took a vow with his current wife Julie. The television personality has a total of five children, Savannah, Lindsie, Chase, Kyle, and Grayson.