How Old Is Finn Wolfhard Girlfriend Elsie Richter? Explore Their Dating History Other Info

Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard is dating Elsie Richter ( Source : Netflixlife )

Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard has already opened up about his relationship with Elsie Richter, his 20-year-old girlfriend.

Finn Wolfhard, the actor, rose to fame on a global scale as a result of Netflix's Stranger Things. Since the show gained popularity, viewers started to care about the actors' personal lives in addition to their roles in the program.

So when Finn revealed his relationship on social media, fans were ecstatic.

The couple instantly generated dating suspicions when they were first photographed together in March 2021, and they have appeared to enjoy each other's company ever since.

How Old Is Finn Wolfhard's Girlfriend Elsie Richter? Age And Height Revealed

Elsie Richter, Finn Wolfhard's girlfriend, is 20 years of age, according to Hollywood Magazine. That indicates that she was born sometime in or around 2002.

Similarly, Elsie may also be between 5 feet 5 inches and 5 feet 8 inches tall on average. Furthermore, no reliable information regarding her body measurements is made available.

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Elsie Richter's Dating History: Who Has She Dated In The Past?

Elsie Richter's dating history is a mystery. Finn Wolfhard made headlines, though, when he revealed on his Instagram in June 2021 that he was dating Elsie Richter by posting a fuzzy close-up picture of the two of them grinning.

Despite the photo being removed, the couple has since seemed to keep their relationship secret.

At a prior public event, Finn Wolfhard poses with Elsie Richter and others
At a prior public event, Finn Wolfhard poses with Elsie Richter and others ( Source : Hollywoodlife )

When the two were seen sitting courtside together at an NBA game in April 2021 at the State Farm Arena, dating suspicions about them started to circulate.

In a November 2021 interview with the Washington Post, Finn disclosed that he had been coerced into admitting his relationship with his girlfriend.

If he didn't openly admit that he was dating his reported girlfriend, obsessive admirers threatened to reveal her address. He thus complied.

Brief Info On Elsie Richter Wikipedia 

Elsie Richter doesn't have a Wikipedia page. However, according to IMDb, the stunning woman acted in the TV show Doll & Em from 2013 to 2015 and also made an appearance in the TV movie Di Bibl. Nothing else is listed in the public domain besides those two projects.

Nearly 180k people follow Elsie on Instagram, where she goes by the handle @elsiepearls. Through her Instagram posts, the celebrity's eccentric nature is evident.

The most private information about her life and previous relationships, however, is still secret.

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Elsie Richter Belongs To An Acting Family: Who Are Her Parents?

Elsie, so it's been said, comes from an acting family. Her father is Mischa Richter, according to The Sun, and her mother is the English actress Dolly Wells.

Plus, the celebrity's younger brother, Ezra Richter, is 16 years old.

The young artist frequently publishes pictures of her friends, both male, and female, and occasionally tags them in posts.

Since she's quite discreet about her life, it's unknown if some of the individuals are actually family members, but she always seems to be having a great time with them wherever they go.