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Is Fit For A King A Christian Band?

Trey Celaya, Ryan Kirby, Daniel Gailey, Ryan
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Is Fit For A King A Christian Band? Yes, Fit For A King, FFAK, is a metalcore and Christian metal band.

It was formed in Tyler, Texas in 2007. This band shares the pain of trauma and tragedy cycle. It searches for the possibility to end them. They have also formed an album to reflect the incidents that occurred throughout the pandemic.

They believe that trauma and tragedy transfer from one stage to another stage of life. So, they also believe that we have the power to break the cycle and are focused on breaking the cycle and starting a new positive cycle.

Their popular album releases are Dark Skies, The Path, The Hell We Create, Deathgrip, and so on.

FFAK label is one and only Solid State Records which is a Christian metalcore record label. Solid State also signs hardcore punk and heavy metal bands. FFAK had independent days from 2007 to 2012 and after 2012, they signed Solid State Records.

Fit For A King Members

Complete Present Band Members
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Fit For A King Members includes Ryan "Tuck" O'Leary, Ryan Kirby, Trey Celaya, Bobby Lynge, and Daniel Gailey.

  1. Bobby Lynge as Guitarist
  2. Ryan Kirby as Vocalist
  3. Ryan "Tuck" O'Leary as Bassist
  4. Daniel Gailey as Guitarist
  5. Trey Celaya as Drummer

The past members consist of:

  1. Justin Juno
  2. Alex Danforth
  3. Jed McNeill
  4. Jared McFerron
  5. Mason Wilson
  6. Aaron Decur
  7. Justin Hamra
  8. Aaron "Olan" Kadura
  9. Jared Easterling

In 2007, there were only all members except Mason Wilson, Justin Hamra, and Aaron "Olan" Kadura. During their independent years, they used to play locally.

In 2009, when the band decided to start full-time touring, MeNeil and MeFerron left the band.

In 2010, Ryan Kirby replaced Mason Wilson as frontman. The band released their first independent debut studio album named Descendants on September 23, 2011. It was produced by Cameron Mizell. It was re-released later in 2013.

Kirby's former bandmate Bobby Lynge also joined FFAK. The past band members and their roles as well as contributing years are:

  1. Justin Juno – Bass (2007–2008)
  2. Alex Danforth – Lead vocals (2007–2008)
  3. Jed McNeill – Keyboards (2007–2009)
  4. Jared McFerron – Guitars (2007–2009)
  5. Mason Wilson – Lead vocals (2008–2010); guitars (2008)
  6. Aaron Decur – Bass (2008–2011); guitars (2007–2008)
  7. Justin Hamra – Guitars (2008–2013); backing vocals (2008–2010)
  8. Aaron "Olan" Kadura – Bass, clean vocals (2011–2014)
  9. Jared Easterling – Drums (2007–2021); clean vocals (2007–2014)

Then the current members joined in 2010, 2014, and 2018 years as per their expertise.

Current MembersRole/ Contributing Years
Bobby LyngeGuitars, backing vocals (2010–present)
Ryan KirbyLead vocals (2010–present)
Ryan "Tuck" O'LearyBass, clean vocals (2014–present)
Daniel GaileyGuitars, backing vocals (2018–present)
Trey CelayaDrums (2021–present); Guitars (touring member 2018)

Fit For A King Drummer

Jared Easterling & Trey Celaya (L-R) (source: Instagram)
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Drummers involved in Fit For A King Band are Trey Celaya (Present) and Jared Easterling (Past). Easterling left the band on December 2021 to pursue new opportunities.

On December 4, 2021, the band announced and introduced a new drummer Celaya of Invent Animate. He was a touring member previously and was a good mate with Solid State Records.

Fit For A King Songs

Fit For A King's Songs are When Everything Means Nothing, Locked (In My Head), Vendetta, and so on.

FFAK has amassed over 300 million streams on music streaming platforms. The band's most streamed songs on Spotify are listed below.

  1. When Everything Means Nothing (25,993,759)
  2. Locked (In My Head) (13,111,143)
  3. Breaking the Mirror (19,917,915)
  4. Vendetta (6,791,130)
  5. Backbreaker (12,861,228)

Some singles and their respective release dates are:

Singles/ AlbumsAlbum's Release Date
Ancient Waters/ DescendantsSeptember 23, 2011
Bitter End/ (Creation/ Destruction)March 12, 2013
A Greater Sense of Self/ Slave to NothingOctober 14, 2014
Shadows & Echoes/ DeathgripOctober 7, 2016
When Everything Means Nothing/ Dark SkiesSeptember 14, 2018
Locked (In My Head)/ The PathSeptember 18, 2020
Falling Through the Sky/ The Hell We CreateOctober 28, 2022

Additional other songs are Repaer, The Price of Agony, Falling Through the Sky, The Hell We Create, and God of Fire which gained 6th to 10th position respectively on Spotify Website under Fit For A King Artist.

Fit For A King New Album

The Hell We Create
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Fit For A King's New Album, The Hell We Create was released on October 28, 2022. It is the seventh studio album.

The New Album is a Metalcore genre released by a Christian metalcore record label named Solid State Records. Its producer is Drew Fulk.

The band first released a single song named Reaper on June 23, 2022, then unveiled its second single song 'End (The Other Side)' on August 10.

On the same day, they announced the New Album 'The Hell We Create'. The track list, album cover, and other songs were released one by one after the announcement. The total length of the album is 38 minutes and 21 seconds where music listeners can find deep lyrics and outstanding soundscapes.

The album got a positive response from various sources like Jesus Freak Hideout rated 4.5 out of 5. In addition, a print magazine, Outburn rated the album 9 out of 10 and said listeners may realize that this is the album they have been waiting for after a few listens.

Rock 'N' Load also admired the album and rated it 10 out of 10 stating that Fit for a King has formed a true masterpiece and requested everyone to listen.

The title tracklists are :

  1. The Hell We Create
  2. End (The Other Side)
  3. Falling Through the Sky
  4. Sink Below
  5. Reaper
  6. Times Like This
  7. Eyes Roll Back
  8. Fracture
  9. Reaching Out
  10. What You Left Behind

The longest song of this album is Falling Through the Sky and Reaching Out with a length of 4 minutes and 21 seconds whereas the shortest one is Sink Below with a length of 3 minutes and 8 seconds.

Fit For A King Discography

Fit For A King's Discography includes Studio Albums, EPs, Singles, Music Videos, and Collaborations. EP stands for Extended Play which consists of more tracks than a single and less than an album.

Studio Albums from oldest to newest are as follows:

  • Descendants
  • Creation/ Destruction
  • Slave to Nothing
  • Deathgrip
  • Dark Skies
  • The Path
  • The Hell We Create

Few EPs are Fit for a King in 2008 and Awaken the Vesper in 2009. There are multiple singles and music videos. Most of the directors in music videos are unknown. A few known directors are Colby Moore, Branden Buckner, and Kevin Johnson.

Fit For A King Tour 2023

Fit For A King Tour 2023 started on February 16 through March 19. The tour of North America started in Tempe, Arizona, and ends in Dallas, Texas.

Here is a list of Fit For A King's upcoming tour dates for 2023.

Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion Gilford, NHAugust 18
MVP Arena Albany, NYAugust 19

For September Month, the dates and locations for the tour are:

  1. Friday, September 15- House of Blues Anaheim, Anaheim, CA
  2. Saturday, September 16- The Wiltern Los Angeles, CA
  3. Sunday, September 17- Ace Of Spades Sacramento, CA
  4. Tuesday, September 19- The Complex Salt Lake City, UT
  5. Wednesday, September 20- Fillmore Auditorium Denver, CO
  6. Friday, September 22- Pop's Blue Moon St. Louis, MO
  7. Saturday, September 23 Radius Chicago Chicago, IL
  8. Sunday, September 24 Royal Oak Music Hall Detroit, MI
  9. Tuesday, September 26 Roxian Theatre Mckees Rocks, PA
  10. Wednesday, September 27 The Fillmore Silver Spring, MD
  11. Thursday, September 28 Palladium Worcester, MA
  12. Friday, September 29 Palladium Times Square New York, NY
  13. Saturday, September 30 L'Olympia Montréal, Canada

For October Month, the dates and locations for the tour are:

  1. Sunday, October 1, History Toronto, Canada
  2. Tuesday, October 3, The Fillmore Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
  3. Wednesday, October 4, The NorVa Norfolk, VA
  4. Friday, October 6, Marathon Music Works Nashville, TN
  5. Saturday, October 7, The Fillmore Charlotte Charlotte, NC
  6. Sunday, October 8, The Masquerade Atlanta, GA
  7. Tuesday, October 10, Revolution Live Fort Lauderdale, FL
  8. Wednesday, October 11, The Ritz Ybor Tampa, FL
  9. Friday, October 13, White Oak Music Hall Houston, TX
  10. Saturday, October 14, The Factory In Deep Ellum Dallas, TX
  11. Sunday, October 15, Vibes Event Center San Antonio, TX
  12. Tuesday, October 17, The Historic El Rey Theater Albuquerque, NM
  13. Wednesday, October 18, Marquee Theater Tempe, AZ
  14. Thursday, October 19, House of Blues Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV

For additional other dates, you can check out the official website of Fit for a King.

Fit For A King Merch

T-shirts in different colors and black hoodies
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Fit For A King Hoodie

Forged hoodie in green color pricing $60.00
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Fit For A King Hoodies are death metal logo hoodies, album hoodies, forged hoodies, and many more.

Hoodies and jacket pricing starts from $80.00. They are normally in black colors and you can find a variety of sizes starting from small to 3X-large. You can find other colors too but black is the most demanded and favorite one.

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