Did Gabimfmoura Get A Plastic Surgery? Here Are Before And After Pictures

Social media star Gabimfmoura is a fitness freak ( Source : Instagram )

Gabimfmoura is a social media star for creating short lip-sync videos on the TikTok platform. She has gained fame for her great internet content.

She is one of the famous web stars from Brazil, with 8.1 million followers on her TikTok handle. Additionally, most of her videos earned millions of views and likes.

Her original name is Gabriela Mourabut; however, she is popular in cyberspace by her nickname Gabriela. The 18-year-old appears stunning and a fitness freak with a slim waistline.

She frequently posts photos of herself wearing stunning attire and striking poses, and she has become well-known on Instagram for her excellent work.

Did Gabimfmoura Get Plastic Surgery? Her Before And After Pictures

Recently, there have been rumors that Gabimfmoura underwent plastic surgery. The speculation began since she had the type of figure that Instagram influencers have unofficially branded.

Thus, many believed the Brazilian social media influencer had a boob job and a butt lift to achieve her hourglass figure.

@gabimfmoura dress from @Fashion Bewa ♬ I love me no ew by nkeditts - nastia✌🏼

However, she has not acknowledged or denied using plastic surgery as a tool. As a result, we cannot be specific as to whether she has had it.

Gabimfmoura may be entirely natural; otherwise, she may have developed that physique through exercises and workouts. 

Her physique has slightly changed when compared to the before and after pictures. But it must be because of her tireless efforts and commitment to working out.

If it's not the result of her regular exercise, she might have undergone some artificial procedures. On the contrary, until she speaks about it directly, her followers will never be aware.

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Gabimfmoura Diet & Workout Routine

Gabriela Moura takes excellent care of her physical condition; to that end, she does daily exercise, yoga, and frequent workouts. Also, she maintains her diet for a healthy and fit body.

She appears to consistently visit the gym and work out every day, which may be how she obtained that shape.

Gabriela Moura's relentless exercise has resulted in a significant physical transformation.
Gabriela Moura's relentless exercise has resulted in a significant physical transformation. ( Source : Instagram )

Nevertheless, Moura often updates her social media accounts with information about her daily fitness routine. She has also posted countless videos from her workout sessions.

As she transitioned from being a TikTok video maker to trying to be an influencer on social media, Gabimfmoura completely reinvented herself. Additionally, she has Instagram aesthetics that are currently popular.

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Gabimfmoura Height & Weight Details

Gabimfmoura, an internet celebrity, is 5 feet 6 inches tall. In terms of weight, she is somewhere around 58 kg.

The TikTok star has a great figure, flawless skin, shining hair, a thin waist, and an ideal body shape. She looks lovely, with brown eyes and brown hair.

The 18-year-old seems exquisite in her lime green dress.
The 18-year-old seems exquisite in her lime green dress. ( Source : Instagram )

Mourabut currently has more than 840K followers on Instagram as a model. She never stops posting pictures to her Instagram account showcasing her fit physique.

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