What Happened To Gret Glyer? FairFax Non-Profit Founder Was Shot To Death By A Fed Ex Worker

Gret Glyer, 32, of Fairfax, Virginia, was discovered dead inside his Bolton Village Court house at 3 a.m. Friday, with mystery gunshot wounds. ( Source : Assets )

Gret Glyer, the founder of FairFax Non-Profit, was murdered in his own house by a Fed Ex employee, and many are curious about the case.

According to authorities, the founder and CEO of DonorSee, a non-profit crowdfunding platform aimed at assisting those in need, was shot to death late last week in Fairfax, Va.

Officers were called to Gret Glyer's home shortly before 3 a.m. Friday. When police arrived at the house, they discovered the Glyer dead from a gunshot wound.

The gunshot was reported to police by the man's wife, who was at home with their two small children at the time. They were not hurt.

One of the responding cops discovered an open door at the rear of the residence, according to police radio recordings. The police will not clarify whether the residence was forced entry.

What Happened To Gret Glyer?

Gret Glyer, 32, was slain at his house on Bolton Village Court in Fairfax, Virginia, on June 24, 2022. He was discovered dead in his bed shortly before 3 a.m.

Gret's wife and two children were there at the time of the shooting, which murdered him with numerous rounds to the body.

Heather, his wife, reportedly contacted 911 and told dispatchers that she believed an intruder had shot her husband.
Heather, his wife, reportedly contacted 911 and told dispatchers that she believed an intruder had shot her husband. ( Source : I )

The Glyer family only recently moved into the residence. His wife reported her husband's shooting to the police.

Despite the fact that the back door was opened, no evidence of forced entry was found. For hours after the tragedy, crime scene technicians combed over the whole residence.

DonorSee, Gret Glyer's company, has worked on humanitarian events in Africa. They built a school in Malawi, a country in southern Africa.

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Fairfax Non-Profit Founder Was Shot To Death: Glyer Murder And Obituary

Gret Glyer was discovered shot multiple times in his family's Bolton Village Court home early Friday. He was 32 years old, and he was survived by his wife and two children.

Joshua, of Arlington, was detained at Dulles International Airport on Tuesday night after law police followed him from Arlington to the airport. Capt.

Jeff Hunt of the City of Fairfax Police Department revealed at a news conference Wednesday morning that Danehower is "a family acquaintance."

According to law enforcement and family sources, the connection may have been made through church. It was unclear whether Danehower has a lawyer.

In a statement, Glyer's wife expressed her grief at his terrible death. "Gret was my best friend as well as an amazing husband and parent," she said. "He had an incredible heart for assisting those in need, and I know his legacy will go on."

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Gret Glyer Wife And Family

According to his LinkedIn page, Gret Glyer was the founder and CEO of DonorSee. A Fed-Ex employee shot Glyer dead in his own home.

His wife Heather and his two young daughters, Gryphon, 6 months, and Gailiee, 22 months, were at home at the time of the incident but were unharmed.

Heather reportedly dialed 911 and informed investigators that she heard a loud noise and thought an intruder had killed her husband, according to police and radio dispatch recordings.

'She heard a tremendous noise and thinks her spouse was shot.' 'She feels someone broke into the residence,' a dispatcher told Fox 5 DC.

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