Did Guy Fieri Nephew Jules Get Married? Meet The Restaurateur Family

Guy Fieri Launched a Relief Fund with the National Restaurant Association. ( Source : Foodandwine )

Guy Fieri is an Emmy Award-winning television host, author, and restaurant from the United States. 

Fieri co-owns three California restaurants, licenses his brand to eateries in Las Vegas and New York City, Nevada, and is well-known for presenting multiple Food Network television shows.

Did Guy Fieri Nephew Jules Get Married?

Many people confuse Jules for Guy Fieri's kid since they share a last name. In reality, Jules is Guy Fieri's nephew, and he has always been. He was born to Guy's sister, and he has always been a part of the famed Food Network chef's life.

Jules has not yet published any news about his marriage in the public, thus it is unknown whether he is now married or not.

Guy Fieri with his nephew Jules.
Guy Fieri with his nephew Jules. ( Source : Ewwnews )

Fieri shared images from the graduation with PEOPLE, including one of the family standing together and another of Jules joyfully lifting his hands in the air after getting his diploma.

Guy tells PEOPLE exclusively that he is extremely proud of his nephew for studying hard in college at San Marcos and now living the dream of working in the music industry.

Fieri's nephew spoke out about his career objectives in a September Instagram post, writing, "Growing up around festivals and music, working in the business has naturally been my focus since I grew old enough to start thinking about what I wanted to do with my life."

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The Truth About Guy Fieri's Son's

Guy Fieri and his wife Lori Fieri have two sons, Hunter and Ryder. Hunter, Guy's oldest son, may be familiar to Food Network viewers from the show "Guy & Hunter's European Vacation," in which they traveled the continent and tried various delicacies.

Ryder, Guy's youngest son, is less well-known than his older brother. After all, Ryder is still a youngster and hasn't participated in any food-related shows.

Guy Fieri with his son Hunter.
Guy Fieri with his son Hunter. ( Source : Mashed )

Hunter and Ryder, the restaurateur Guy's two boys, are at quite different phases of life. Hunter has discovered that he likes following his father into the realms of food and television, despite the fact that they were born over a decade apart, while Ryder is still navigating life as a teenager.

Even while Fieri prefers to keep his personal life private, he hasn't shied away from showing his kid some love on social media.

Fieri and his son Hunter are inseparable on the Food Network star's shows, so there was some trepidation about going at it alone.

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Meet Guy Fieri's Sister Morgan Fieri: What Happened to her?

Morgan Fieri, Guy Fieri's sister, was diagnosed with malignant melanoma as a toddler. Morgan initially survived but died of cancer at the age of 39. This was around the time Guy began his collaboration with Carnival cruise lines and founded Guy's Burger Joint.

Before Morgan died, Morgan and Guy established The Guy Fieri Foundation for Inspiration and Imagination, which no longer appears to be operational. Morgan and her companion Annie Antepara had a son named Jules, whom Guy and his wife Lori have raised since Morgan's death.

The restaurateur was motivated to follow in Morgan's footsteps after witnessing the generosity shown to his family when his sister was suffering from illness as a youngster.

In honor of Morgan, Guy also traveled to Florida and conducted the marriages of 101 same-sex couples (at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival). The "101" refers to 101 Dalmatians, with then-Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi referred to as Cruella de Vil owing to her anti-gay marriage views.

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Who Is Guy Fieri Wife? Info On His Family 

Guy Fieri has been married to his wife Lori Fieri for almost 25 years. Lori was born in 1973 in North Providence, Rhode Island, and grew up there.

When Lori was in her twenties, she was on a cross-country road trip to San Diego when she met Guy. Guy's wife frequently appears alongside Guy on numerous of his television series and specials, including The Guy's Family Road Trip.

Lori is well-known for her outrageously bright hats and for being Fieri's staunchest supporter. Guy and Lori met in 1992 in Long Beach, California, while he was running a restaurant.

Guy, the Food Network personality, is the son of Penelope Anne and Lewis James Ferry. He was raised in Ferndale, California, in rural Humboldt County.

Fieri was a foreign exchange student in France throughout high school, when he acquired an interest in cuisine and cooking.