21 Haircuts For Semi Curly Hair For Male

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Curly hair has a charm of its own, adding a unique touch to any individual's appearance. Curly hairs are attractive but hard to manage.

While some men may struggle to find the perfect haircut that complements their semi curly hair, we are here to provide a solution.

In this article, we will explore 21 trendy and versatile haircuts specifically designed for men with semi curly hair.

From short and neat styles to longer, voluminous looks, we have something for everyone.

Whether you're aiming for a professional, polished look or prefer a more casual and relaxed vibe, these haircuts will help you embrace and enhance your natural curls.

Get ready to transform your hairstyle game and embrace the beauty of your semi curly hair!

1. Undercut with Curly Top

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The undercut with a curly top is a trendy hairstyle that combines the two contrasting elements for a unique look.

This style involves shaving or trimming the sides and back of the head very short, while leaving the top long and curly.

The contrast between the sleek, clean undercut and the wild, curly top creates a striking visual effect.

It is a versatile hairstyle that can be styled in various ways, allowing for individual expression and creativity.

2. Taper Fade with Curls

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The taper fade with curls is a popular haircut that seamlessly blends short sides and a longer top for a modern look.

The gradual fade adds dimension to the hair, while the curls add texture and volume.

This haircut suits different hair types and face shapes, offering a fresh and trendy appearance.

The shorter sides create a clean and neat aesthetic, while the curls on top add a touch of playfulness and character.

3. Short Curly Crop

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The Short Curly Crop is a trendy hairstyle that looks effortlessly chic and suits various face shapes.

This low-maintenance haircut is perfect for those with natural curls or those who love embracing their curls.

The cropped length adds volume and bounce to the hair, enhancing its natural texture. Easily styled with minimal effort, the short curly crop is a great choice for busy individuals.

Plus, it exudes confidence and a sense of individuality, making it a go-to choice for those looking to make a bold statement with their hair.

4. Long Curly Top with Fade

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Long curly top with fade is a hairstyle that exudes confidence and style. The luscious curls cascade down like a waterfall.

The flow adds a touch of elegance and charm to the overall look. Then, the fade on the sides and back brings a modern twist, creating a perfect balance between sophistication and edginess.

It is a hairstyle that commands attention and demands admiration. With each curl bouncing playfully, this hairstyle is a true expression of individuality and personal flair.

5. Curly Pompadour

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With its effortlessly tousled locks and gravity-defying height, the Curly Pompadour is a true celebration of unrivaled charm and undeniable charisma.

Simply put, this hairstyle embodies a timeless allure that captivates all who behold it. Its artful arrangement of curls gives a playful touch, while its audacious volume commands attention at any event.

The Curly Pompadour stands tall as a symbol of self-assured elegance, a hairdo that radiates an air of magnetic appeal, leaving onlookers in awe of its unparalleled magnetism.

6. Curly Quiff

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The Curly Quiff hairstyle is a unique and stylish option for those looking to add some flair to their look.

This particular style is achieved by combining curly hair with a voluminous quiff at the front.

The result is a visually striking and eye-catching hairstyle that complements various face shapes and hair textures.

With its playful and dynamic appearance, the Curly Quiff is a popular choice for individuals seeking a bold and confident look that is sure to turn heads.

7. Curly High Top Fade

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The Curly High Top Fade is a fantastic haircut for men with curly hair for several reasons. 

Firstly, it allows for a unique and trendy style that stands out from the crowd.

The high top adds volume and height to the hair, enhancing the natural curls and creating a bold and eye-catching look.

Additionally, this haircut is versatile and can be customized to suit different preferences and face shapes, making it a great choice for men with curly hair looking to express their individuality.

8. Messy Curly Hairstyle

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A messy curly hairstyle is a great choice for men aiming to appear relaxed as it effortlessly embodies a carefree and laid-back demeanor.

The natural curls add an element of playfulness and informality to one's overall look.

This hairstyle requires minimal effort and maintenance, allowing men to showcase their relaxed attitude without appearing overly groomed.

It showcases a sense of ease and casualness, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a low-maintenance yet stylish haircut.

9. Curly Comb Over

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The Curly Comb Over haircut offers a distinct blend of classic and contemporary styles, making it an excellent choice for men seeking a modern and polished look.

This hairstyle complements various face shapes by enhancing facial features and creating a balanced appearance.

With its carefully crafted layers and defined texture, the Curly Comb Over exudes confidence and adds a touch of refinement to any outfit. 

This versatile haircut effortlessly combines tradition and trend, making it a timeless and fashionable choice for men who appreciate a sleek and stylish aesthetic.

10. Curly Mohawk

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The Curly Mohawk hairstyle offers a unique and eye-catching look that is worth considering for every man. 

This dynamic and versatile hairdo instantly sets you apart from the crowd, making a bold statement without even trying.

The combination of curly locks and a distinctive Mohawk shape creates a striking visual appeal that can help you stand out in any social setting.

Furthermore, it requires minimal maintenance and is effortless to maintain, making it a practical choice for those seeking a fresh and distinctive appearance.

11. Curly Afro

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The Curly Afro is a timeless style that celebrates natural texture. This iconic look embraces the beauty of curls and coils, allowing them to take center stage.

It's a confident and empowering choice with its voluminous and free-spirited nature. The Curly Afro effortlessly captures attention and radiates a sense of authenticity.

This hairstyle is a symbol of pride and embraces the uniqueness of the individual in an unsurpassable way, making it a popular choice for those seeking a distinctive and stylish appearance.

12. Curly Slicked Back

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The curly slicked back haircut is a stylish choice that never goes out of fashion. With its sleek appearance, this hairstyle effortlessly captures attention.

The natural texture of the curls adds a touch of uniqueness to the overall look, making it a popular choice among individuals seeking a trendy and refined appearance.

This hairstyle showcases a sense of confidence and elegance, making it a favorite among those who want to make a statement with their hair.

13. Curly Faux Hawk

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The Curly Faux Hawk haircut has gained popularity among men today due to its modern appeal and effortless style.

This trendy hairstyle offers a fresh and youthful look, making it perfect for contemporary times.

The curly texture adds an element of uniqueness and adds volume to the hair, enhancing the overall appearance.

It allows men to express their individuality without being overly attention-seeking.

The Curly Faux Hawk exudes confidence and a sense of adventure, making it a great choice for those seeking a fashionable and contemporary hairstyle.

14. Curly Undercut with Design

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The Curly Undercut with Design haircut for men stands out with its unique and captivating style.

This haircut effortlessly blends the classic undercut with the versatility of curly hair, creating a bold and trendy look.

The addition of intricate designs adds a touch of artistry and individuality, making it a must-have for those seeking a distinctive appearance that can't be replicated. 

This haircut showcases confidence, creativity, and a willingness to embrace personal style.

15. Curly Side Part

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The Curly Side Part haircut for men is highly sought after due to its ability to enhance natural curls and create a polished look.

This trendy style embraces the natural texture of curly hair while adding structure and definition. The side part adds a touch of refinement, giving a classic appearance. 

The contrast between the neatly styled side and the voluminous curls creates a visually appealing and effortlessly cool aesthetic.

 It is a favored choice for those seeking a chic and fashionable haircut that complements their curly hair.

16. Curly Bowl Cut

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The Curly Bowl Cut is a trendy hairstyle that has gained popularity among men in recent years.

This unique haircut features short, evenly cut hair on the sides and back, while the top is left longer and styled into tight, defined curls resembling a bowl shape.

The Curly Bowl Cut has its roots in the 1970s when it was popularized by musicians like David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

Today, it has made a comeback as a versatile and fashionable choice for men, offering a playful and youthful appearance that suits various face shapes and hair textures.

17. Curly Buzz Cut

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A curly buzz cut is a hairstyle where the hair is cut very short all over the head, but the natural curls or waves are still visible.

It is a combination of a buzz cut, which is a very short haircut, and curly hair, which adds texture and volume.

This style is popular among people with naturally curly or wavy hair who want a low-maintenance, yet stylish look.

It creates a cool and edgy appearance while highlighting the natural texture of the hair.

18. Curly Textured Crop

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The Curly Textured Crop offers a fresh and unique look that complements various face shapes. Its playful nature adds a touch of personality to your overall style.

The texture and shape of the cut enhance your natural curls, creating a stylish and effortlessly cool appearance.

This hairstyle allows you to embrace and showcase your natural hair texture, giving you a refreshing change that stands out from the crowd.

Get ready to turn heads and make a bold statement with the Curly Textured Crop.

19. Curly Shaggy Hairstyle

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The curly shaggy hairstyle is a popular hair trend that emerged in the 1970s and continued to gain popularity in the 1980s.

It is characterized by its messy and tousled appearance, with layers of curls and waves. This hairstyle exudes a relaxed and carefree vibe, making it a favorite among college students.

To achieve the look, one can use styling products to enhance natural curls or use a curling iron for added definition.

The curly shaggy hairstyle is a great way to embrace your natural texture and add a touch of effortless cool to your overall look.

20. Curly Waves with Undercut

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Curly Waves with Undercut is a stylish hairstyle that combines two contrasting elements:

The curly waves add a natural and dynamic texture to the hair, while the undercut provides a bold and edgy look. This combination creates a visually interesting contrast that appeals to many people.

The style is versatile and can be adapted to suit different face shapes and hair types, making it a popular choice for those looking for a cool and trendy haircut.

21. Curly Spiky Hairstyle

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The curly spiky hairstyle effortlessly commands attention with its bold and unconventional look. 

The interplay of curly locks creates a dynamic texture, while the strategic spikes add an edgy touch. This unique hairstyle exudes confidence and individuality, showcasing a fearless attitude towards personal style.

Its distinctive appearance is bound to captivate onlookers, leaving a lasting impression.

With its unconventional charm, the curly spiky hairstyle effortlessly sets itself apart from the crowd.