Is Hetty Coming Back To NCIS LA In 2022? What Happened? Some Fans Believe Character Died In Syria

There is a great concern going on about Hetty in NCIS LA because she has been missing from the show and people are wondering whether she is coming back.

Let's find out more about the possible reasons for the veteran actress missing.

No one can gainsay the impeccable talent possessed by Linda, the actress who plays Hetty. She has been recognized by Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Year of Living Dangerously, where she portrayed the male character Billy Kwan.

She was the first person to win an Oscar for portraying the opposite gender. Since 2009, she has been seen in NCIS LA, where she portrays the role of Hetty, for which she has received two teen choice awards.

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Is Hetty Coming Back To NCIS LA In 2022?

It is hard to give a certain answer about Hetty's comeback in the show. However, the most possible explanation is that she will be coming back because the current story arc does not seem to favor removing her from the show.

On top of that, Linda's character is one of the fans' favorites. Some fans are saying that if her character dies or will not return, the show should shut down because the thing will not be the same without her.

Many fans are speculating that she might come back in the episode of Mother's Day, as per the report of Good HouseKeeping. This seems to be the probable scenario, but the only way to confirm is to wait and watch.

People are really agitated by the fact that they are not seeing enough of their favorite character, which clearly shows the importance of Linda in the show and the talent she possesses.

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Hetty Died In Syria Theory - Where Is She?

There are many theories that are coming up about Hetty missing from the show and the most popular one is that she died in Syria. It was reported that she went to Syria to meet the head of the Terrorist group.

After that, there was a drone strike, so people speculate that she might have died in there, which might be revealed later in the show. However, there are additional two theories presented by TV Insider, which are equally probable.

One theory they propose is that she has been kidnapped by the terrorist and that will be later revealed in the show. The terrorist might use her to pressure the government to fulfill their demand.

Another theory is that she has escaped the place and is strengthening her position to resolve issues before she makes comeback publicly. People will have to wait and see what theory plays out in the end.