How Does It Feel To Be You TikTok Song- Lyrics And Meaning Explained

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Since its 2016 release, "How Does It Feel To Be Rich" has been one of the most memorable songs. Similarly, TikTok frequently crosses this song's rankings in 2022.

TikTok, also known as Douyin in China. It features a wide range of short-form user films, with lengths ranging from 15 seconds to ten minutes, in categories such as pranks, stunts, tricks, jokes, dancing, and entertainment. Douyin, which debuted on the Chinese market in September 2016, has a global counterpart in TikTok.

Most areas outside of mainland China saw the release of TikTok for iOS and Android in 2017. However, the app didn't go global until 2 August 2018, when it merged with, another Chinese social media platform.

Prior to 2022, it was available on every phone, and individuals frequently created films using different genres of music to communicate their beliefs. Among these are the current hits How Does It Feel To Be You and How Does It Feel To Be Rich.

How Does It Feel To Be You TikTok Song- Lyrics And Meaning Explained

Doechii's Persuasive is another song that has been popular on TikTok. Most likely, it is the sentence that asks, "How Does It Feel To Be You?" This song focuses mostly on the aspect of self-love, where individuals are creating various types of TikTok to follow or become enamored with the fad.

Every day, new trends emerge on Tiktok, and it appears that this one will be around for a while. Similar to this, some individuals use a sarcastic point of view to belittle selfish people and ask them, "How does it feel to be you?"

This includes the views of the self-centered people as well. A well-known Tikotker with the user name stxph.h made a video of her makeover to this song showcasing her makeup abilities.

Similarly, since its release, this song has been climbing the charts. Let it be on TikTok or YouTube. Every day, the artist's fan base has been expanding. Since its debut, this sound has been used in millions of videos. from every continent.

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"How Does It Feel To Be That Rich" Tiktok Song

Similar to "How Does It Feel to be You" song The other phrase that caught the user's attention is "How Does it feel to be rich." Kamaiyah released this song in 2016.



♬ How Does It Feel - D. Savage

People frequently posted videos on TikTok showcasing their homes and other possessions. American rapper and vocalist from Oakland, California, is the creator of this song. A Good Night in the Ghetto, her debut mixtape, was widely praised when it was released in 2016.

@angeliquemanto just too excited for this shoot 🫶🏽 sharing this soonest heehee~ makeup by @Anthea Bueno hair by @@jayaquino_ on IG ☑️ ♬ Persuasive - Doechii

Kamaiyah was selected as one of the top 10 freshmen of 2017 by XXL. This sound was used in a TikTok by the user @jamolv. On Tiktok, this appealing song has been attracting a lot of interest from users of all ages.

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