How Many Siblings Does Caleb Swanigan Have? Brothers And Sisters Of The Purdue Star

Former Purdue basketball star Caleb Swanigan dies at 25 ( Source : Larrybrownsports )

Caleb Swanigan established a reputation for himself as a Purdue University basketball player. He was a well-known basketball player born in the United States on April 18, 1997. He was listed among the top prep players in the national class of 2015 by,, and ESPN.

During his final year at Homestead High School, from 2014 to 2015, he earned the school's first-ever state championship.

The basketball player was previously committed to Michigan State University before committing to Purdue University. At Purdue, Swanigan set a record by being selected Big Ten Freshman of the Week three times.

On June 22, 2017, the Portland Trail Blazers selected him 26th overall in the first round of the 2017 NBA draft. Swanigan spent nearly three years with the Trail Blazers during his career.

How Many Siblings Does Caleb Swanigan Have? 

Caleb Swanigan has five other siblings, including his elder brother, Carl Swanigan, who is also an athlete.

They grew up in an unstable home because his father, Carl Swanigan Sr., was addicted to crack cocaine. Caleb and his sibling work together to support and grow their career. 

However, there is little information available about his siblings and their professions.

Where Are Caleb Swanigan Brothers And Sisters Now? Family Update

Caleb Swanigan Brothers And Sisters is currently pursuing a career in their field in the United States.

Previously, when his mother decided to move the family to Houston, his older brother Carl Jr. was concerned that Caleb would continue to gain weight if he moved with his mother. 

Caleb Swanigan overcoming obesity and homelessness to become a big-time NBA prospect
Caleb Swanigan overcoming obesity and homelessness to become a big-time NBA prospect ( Source : Espn )

It shows how much his sibling cared about him and was always there to support him in his career.

Later, Barnes, who lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana, agreed to take Caleb in return for the right to adopt and raise him as his son.

Therefore, Swanigan got adopted by Barnes before his eighth-grade year. Barnes addressed Swanigan's eating habits and, after receiving clearance from a cardiologist, began putting him through workouts similar to those he had in college.

Caleb Swanigan Dies At Age 25- Tributes On Twitter For The Purdue Star 

He died on June 21, 2022, at 25, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States.

According to the The%20Allen%20County%20Coroner’s%20Office%20confirmed%20to%20WANE%20that%20Swanigan%20died%20of%20natural%20causes.https:/

—%20KGET%2017%20News%20(@KGETnews)%20June%2021,%202022%20" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Allen County Coroner's Office, the reason for his death is a natural cause. Swanigan's untimely death was reported by WANE 15 and later confirmed by Purdue Men's Basketball on Twitter.

Tribute to Caleb Swanigan
Tribute to Caleb Swanigan ( Source : Thespun )

Several followers went to Twitter shortly after the news broke to express their condolences.

One user wrote Heartbroken to learn Caleb Swanigan had gone away. When he played in Sacramento, I'll never forget how delighted families were when I gave them his cheer cards during games when I was an intern for the team. Caleb, we miss you.

Another person stated that Caleb Swanigan was on Sean Miller's radar at Arizona, I recall. At Purdue, he was named Big Ten Player of the Year and went on to play in the NBA.

He also added his death came as a shock, as he was only 25 years old. His soul and his family are in God's hands.