How Much Is Marty Meierotto Net Worth In 2022? All We Know About The Mountain Men Cast

Marty Meierotto is a member of the cast of "Mountain Men," a History Channel series. ( Source : Tvshowstars )

Given Marty Meierotto's triumph in the movie industry, his net worth is estimated to be $150 thousand. Let's look at the career and Wikipedia bio of one of the renowned reality TV personalities of all time. 

Marty is a trapper and reality TV personality from the United States. He rose to fame after appearing in the famous History Channel series Mountains Men. The show follows a group of men who struggle to survive in subzero temperatures and inhumane surroundings. Meierotto has been a member since the first episode & has been in three seasons.

Marty had to put in a lot of effort in the beginning. Meierotto, courageous and now armed with trapping experience, moved to Alaska in 1985 and worked for his brother Jeff's company. He eventually established himself and settled there. 

His success in the movie industry is undeniable, with an appearance in the Mountains Men. Fans are now speculating on the actor's net worth. In 2022, how much money will he be worth?

Marty Meierotto Net Worth: How Rich Is He In 2022?

According to Celebritynetworth, Marty has a net worth of $150 thousand.

He made his money mainly from a successful television career with "Mountain Men," also based on his trapping activities. As he maintains his dual profession, his net worth will rise in the future.

An actor is delighted with the money he earns in his job. He is currently enjoying a happy life because of the money he makes from his profession.

His popularity has led to being featured in several publications, including the cover of the magazine "Field & Stream," which he pictured in his traditional trapping gear.

Marty Meierotto Wikipedia Bio

Marty Meierotto is well-recognized as a reality TV star. His Wikipedia stated that he started his career by working as a janitor in Fairbanks. 

He also worked in construction and logging to supplement his income and purchase his first trap and tent. He'd be able to go trapping in his spare time. Marty constructed a modest cottage.

That was simpler to heat in chilly Alaska after a short time. He worked for a few years before leaving to pursue his dream of being a full-time trapper. 

Although he is a comprehensive trapper, the trapping season is not always in full swing, particularly during the summer. During this time, he works as a smokejumper for the Alaska Fire Service. It requires traveling to different parts of the state to put out flames.

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Marty Meierotto Age And Family Info

Marty Meierotto's age is currently 56 years old.

He was born to parents, Thomas and Karen Meierotto, in 1966 in Alaska, America. His father was a trapper, and it was because of him that he developed an interest in trapping at an early age.

Marty and his father traveled to the far northern part of Wisconsin when he was seven years old to check on the traps his father had set. According to him, it was after this encounter that he resolved to follow in his father's footsteps.

Marty Meierotto enjoying time with his wife and daughter in their home
Marty Meierotto enjoying time with his wife and daughter in their home ( Source : Justrichest )

Talking about his family, he has two siblings, Jeff and Steve Meierotto. He spends his entire childhood with his siblings. 

Meierotto is a married man. He married his gorgeous girlfriend, Dominique. While doing business in Alaska, he met the love of his life. Before marrying, they dated for a few years. Noah Jane Meierotto, the pair's gorgeous kid, was born to the couple.

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