How Old Is James Mattis Wife Christina Lomasney? The Former Defense Secretary Is Now A Married Man

Christina Lomasney and James Mattis. ( Source : Geekwire )

James Norman Mattis, a former secretary of defense, wed Christina Lomasney, a scientist. After meeting for the first time in a pub, the pair decided to get married.

From January 2017 until January 2019, Christina's husband James served as the 26th Secretary of Defense of the United States. He is a former US Marine Corps four-star general. Over the course of his 44-year Marine Corps service, he oversaw Marines in the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Persian Gulf.

Lomasney, a physicist and seasoned company leader with more than two decades of experience in technological innovation and commercialization, has an equally outstanding résumé.

She was appointed director of Commercialization at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 2021, focusing on business partnerships to broaden the application of PNNL's science and technologies.

How Old Is Christina Lomasney? James Mattis Wife

By 2022, Christina Lomasney seems to be around 55-60 years old, not to say that her true age or date of birth is still unknown.

Since July 2021, Lomasney has also been a resident entrepreneur at Washington State University.

Additionally, she is a fellow at Unreasonable, a collaboration and investment fund sponsored by Barclays International. She is one of a small group of businesspeople and industry leaders who are devoted to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Christina is also the creator of JackWorks, a stealth-mode foundry turned passive holding firm with headquarters in Washington.

Speaking of their wedding, two ceremonies were held: one last week on the banks of the Columbia River, and the other on Saturday in the Little Church, complete with an Elvis impersonator.

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Christina Lomasney And Husband Jim Mattis Age Difference

Jim Mattis, a former defense secretary, and his wife Christina Lomasney's precise age gap are still unclear. However, based on appearances, they appear to be five to ten years apart.

On September 8, 1950, in Pullman, Washington, Jim Mattis was born. The scientist was based in Washington before the marriage, while Christina Lomasney's actual birthdate is uncertain.

Jim, who has been single his whole professional life, was given the moniker "The Warrior Monk" by his coworkers due to his lifetime commitment to the study of war and his single status.

The Warrior Monk chooses to live out the remainder of his days with his wife despite the fact that he is now wed to the love of his life.  They have amazing chemistry as they understand one another in a deep way. Likewise, She has been his good friend and not a wife.

Jim Mattis Net Worth 2022

While serving in the military might be satisfying in its own right, it doesn't necessarily pay well. As the Secretary of Defense for the United States, Mattis is legally a public employee, and as such, his compensation is open to the public.

The annual salary of the Secretary of Defense is exactly $203,700. Over the course of 365 days in a year, James earns around $560 each day. He has so far amassed a sizable wealth. Mattis has made significant contributions both as a soldier and as a citizen.

He has received several military honors, including the Legion of Merit, the Defense Superior Service Medal, the Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal, the Navy Distinguished Service Medal, and many others.

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