How Old Is GoGo Morrow? Age And Real Name Of In The Way Singer

GoGo Morrow Celebrating her Success party for her music. ( Source : Instagram )

GoGo Morrow originally arrived in Los Angeles from her homeland of Philadelphia about five years ago, taking a risk for her aspirations. She arrived with a one-way ticket to her dreams. The rising star's path is evidence that everything happens in God's timing. 

After accompanying Lady Gaga on tour, GoGo made the firm decision to concentrate on her own solo career as an artist.

GoGo made the brave choice to go to Los Angeles in the hopes of working with superproducer Harmony "H Money" Samuels after receiving a game-changing direct message from Samuels on Twitter. She was chosen to join Kanye West's Sunday Service choir, and all of a sudden, chance knocked.

Today, GoGo finally releases her debut single and music video, titled "In The Way," highlighting both her contributions and her unquestionable abilities as a singer-songwriter.

How Old Is GoGo Morrow? Her Age And Wikipedia

GoGo is a young singer who hasn't yet made her age known to the general world.

Since she recently gained notoriety with her incredible music, she must be in her late 20s, though, judging by how she looks.

Her go-to appearance has always been her signature blue hair. She frequently receives remarks on her gorgeous tan complexion and sweet voice.

Morrow started singing in church at the age of five, and at 10 she joined the Rainbow Company of the Prince Music Theater, where she spent the next seven years honing her acting abilities.

Moreover, she eventually pursued singing and dance as her majors at the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts, and she later graduated from Millersville University with a degree in the music business.

Under the guidance of her mentor, Record Executive Leesa Brunson, she worked as an assistant at Def Jam at that time. Marrow has always known that she wants to be an artist and go on solo international tours.

She managed to find her way there, and it appears that was where she was meant to be. She has a sizable following on Instagram, and it appears that people enjoy her music and the work she puts into it.

The majority of well-known celebs, however, appear to be encouraging and supporting her in the comments on her posts.

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What Is GoGo Morrow's Real Name?

Jasmine Morrow is Gogo's true name. Many of her followers were interested in the origin of her moniker, and she recently disclosed that her real last name is Marrow in an interview.

To honor her father and family, she kept Morrow. Because seeing her father and her uncle sing was where she actually got her start in music. Her family is all musical. She may involve everyone by retaining Morrow, for this reason.

The name Gogo was first intended as a joke. She continued by saying that while viewing Kill Bill for the first time, she fell in love with the 15-year-old assassin Gogo Yubari. 

Later, she began going by the name "GoGo" among those who did not know her personally. She also struggled to come up with artist names when it came time for her to perform songs.

She finally realized that she could use her Facebook name. And that's how she came up with her stage name. She seemed to be empathizing with the character a lot.

GoGo Morrow Boyfriend And Instagram

GoGo disclosed that the song "In The Way," which she wrote four years ago, was inspired by a person she was then fixated on in a statement. She does not want to share anything about him, though, and continues to keep his name a secret.

She continues to be very private about her sexual relationships and life. She adheres to the same protocol herself because it is quite difficult for celebrities to disclose their relationships.

She appears to be completely engrossed in her music right now and has no apparent regard for her work. She has a good deal of online popularity when it comes to her Instagram. She has a verified account and goes by the handle @gogomorrow

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