How Old Is Jacob Richter From 'Trapped With My Husband'? Meet His Girlfriend Kennedi Sand

Meet The Cast Of Trapped With my Husband ( Source : Thatericalper )

Jacob Richter is a Canadian actor who is in the cast of the movie Trapped with my husband. He is a young rising star who is set to make it big after the movie.

Jacob plays Kevin in the movie Trapped with my husband. The premise of Trapped with My Husband centers around Melissa, who discovers her new husband, Kevin, is a philanderer with hardly any ambition.

The two become the worst roommates ever. While Kevin stays in the house till the divorce is official, all eyes are on Melissa. The movie has a runtime of 1 hour 30 minutes and is directed by Roxane Boisvert.

The movie falls under the genre of Mystery and Thriller, which is made in English. The film is set to premiere on June 24 on LMN at 8 pm.

How Old Is Jacob Richter? Find Out His Age

The age of Jacob Richter is around 30–35 years old. We do not know Jacob's exact date of birth yet.

Richter has created a personal website for himself but has not yet added information about himself. His information is found on his Instagram account, which is available under the username @myoldestfriendmusic.

Jacob is also renowned for his singing career, apart from his acting career. His Instagram bio has provided a website where you can find his music and enjoy it. Richter has posted all of his songs under one album, "My Oldest Friend."

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Jacob Richter Wikipedia

As Per the information on Jacobs' Wikipedia, he is a singer and actor from Canada who is yet to be renowned on a big stage. His latest project is the movie Trapped With My Husband.

At the University of Western Ontario, while completing his degree in English Literature, Canadian actor David Richter found theatrical acting.

He nurtured and molded his raw enthusiasm for acting in New York City at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. His passion for making music only surpasses Jacob's enthusiasm for acting.

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Kennedy Sand Is The Girlfriend Of Jacob Richter

Jacob Richter is currently married to his girlfriend, Kennedy Sand. According to IMDB, Jacob is happily married to Sand and now works out of Toronto.

There are also some pictures of Kennedy and Jacob on his Instagram. However, there are few photos because he uses the platform to post mostly about his music.

Upon exploring his married life, we learned that Jacob first met his wife at the acting class.