Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris French-Spanish Parents Were His Greatest Inspiration

Hugo Lloris signed with Tottenham Hotspur for €10 million on August 2021.
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Hugo Lloris grew up with his parents, Luc And Marie Lloris, who were highly successful bankers and lawyers. The goalkeeper, Hugo's family, lives in France.

He is a French professional footballer playing for Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League. Lloris initiated his career by playing for OGC Nice, his hometown club.

Coming from an upper-class family, no one ever wondered if Hugo would have played football. He used to play tennis at a young age and was also one of the great athletes in his age group, ranking high in the national standings. 

Besides his club career, Lloris has also represented his country internationally. He has played in different matches, which include under-18, 19, and 21 levels. Thus, his team won UEFA European U-19 Championship in 2005. Lloris made his first senior-level international debut in 2008 during a friendly match against Uruguay. 

Meet Hugo Lloris Parents Luc And Marie Lloris

Hotspur football player Hugo Lloris was born to his parents, Luc and Marie, on 26 December 1986 in France. He made his father and mother proud with his passion and talent in sports.

As learned, he was named after the French writer Victor Hugo, as his parents used to admire the professional. 

The pro-French footballer parents were professionals in their respective fields. His dad, Luc, was a Monte Carlo-associated banker, whereas his caring mother was a lawyer. Thus, we could say the Lloris had a pretty decent lifestyle. 

Hugo Lloris celebrating with his family after a successful match.
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Surprisingly the couple was able to raise their kids, although they were of different linguistics. Lloris' dad has Spanish descent, whereas his mom has a French background. 

In addition, some believe Hugo was driven towards lawn tennis as it was one of the favorite sports of his parents. They reportedly took him to the center and played. Lloris was involved in the game until his early teens and was ranked in a good position on the French nation youth list.

However, he finally switched and totally focused on football, and his family supported every decision he made regarding his career. However, Hugo's parents make significantly fewer appearances in the media but tried to be in every possible match of their kid and cheer for him from the crowd. 

Later, Luc worked for his son as his agent, which made the player be in a safe hand when it came to situations like choosing the team and other things in sports. 

Hugo Lloris Mother Marie Battled Cancer

Hugo's mother, Marie, passed in April 2008 after battling a chronic disease, breast cancer, for several years. 

According to Closer Mag, the footballer and family thought she would once again succeed over the disease as she showed. Marie had given off such strength that everyone was convinced she was getting better. 

Looking at the pictures, she looked old and much thinner due to cancer. However, she always carried that smiley face around her loved ones. 

Hugo Lloris celebrating with his mother Marie and wife Marine in the field.
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But unfortunately, she lost the fight against it. She used to appear in Lloris' matches and always cheered with all her energy, forgetting she was infected by anything.  

The year the footballer's mom perished, he was playing for the Nice. Then, Hugo was offered a few days off for the loss, but he refused to take it and did not stop playing. Thus, he gained national respect for still competing in the league match. 

Later, when asked why Lloris made such a decision, he replied that this is what his mother would want him to do in such a situation. Although the goalkeeper did not speak out loud, he must have dedicated many matches to his late mother after her passing. 

6 Quick Facts About Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris Parents

  1. Hugo Lloris was born to his parents, Monte-Carlo-based banker father Luc and lawyer mother Marie, on 26 December 1986 in France. He belongs to an upper-class family.
  2. The premier league goalkeeper's mother is of French descent, whereas his father's family roots back in Spain. However, the Lloris family currently resides in France. 
  3. Lloris's mother, Marie, passed away in April 2008 after battling breast cancer for several years. But despite the fact, he refused the bereavement leave offered by the manager gaining national respect. 
  4. Luc and Marie are parents to two kids, including Hugo. Their youngest son Gautier, born on 18 July 1995, is also a footballer who has a record of playing for his elder sibling's former club OGC Nice.
  5. The footballer's parents supported their son's decision to play tennis at a young age. They let him change and supported his decision to play football only. 
  6. Hugo's father worked as his agent, an experienced international law specialist, and a merchant banker. The same year he joined Tottenham Hotspur