Is Callen Leaving NCIS LA & Where Is He Going? Here Is What's Going To Happen To His Character

NCIS: Los Angeles aired a new episode titled Genesis on Sunday, and fans wonder if their favorite character Callen is still on the show or not. Here's what we know.

G. Callen is a fictional character in the show NCIS: Los Angeles. The character is played by none other than Chris O'Donnell, a remarkable American actor and former model who has had an active presence in the showbiz industry since 1986.

Talking about the role, Callen is an NCIS Special Agent in Charge and the senior agent given to the Office of Special Projects. He first appeared in the NCIS season six episode called Legend (Part I). The full name of this character is Grisha Aleksandrovich Nikolaev Callen.

Moreover, Callen made regular appearances in all the episodes and recently, NCIS: Los Angeles aired a new episode named Genesis, Callen is grabbing people's attention, and they are asking if he left the show or not.

Rumors On Callen Leaving NCIS: Los Angeles Explained

As mentioned earlier, G. Callen is in the limelight after the recent episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. But there is no news of him leaving the show as we can still see him there. In the recent episode, he was still pursuing his past. He found out he was a part of a secret agenda that used children in the foster care plan and pushed them for the potential for spy work. 

Callen hadn't conceded it at the time. Also, Callen hadn't even figured out years later, but he understands now that he was a part of this program and he wants solutions. From this, it is clear that Callen is in the show, and he is not leaving the show, NCIS: Los Angeles.

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What Happened To Callen On NCIS Los Angeles?

After the rumors of Callen leaving the show surfaced in the media, people asked where he was going. But we've already said that he is not leaving the show. As we know, he was so gripped with knowing that truth that he pushed away Anna. Besides, Anna told him she needed a break from him and that she didn't want to drive to the new apartment with him. So, she was going to stay with her dad. In addition to that, Callen also was having trouble at work. 

Not to mention, CBS NCIS: Los Angeles returned with an all-new Sunday, April 24, 2022, season 13 episode 1 called Genesis. In the recent episode, the NCIS team supports Naval espionage officer Akhil Ali (Ashwin Gore) in finding a fellow officer who went missing while conscripting foreign assets as possible sources of intelligence.

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Short Details On G Callen

G Callen is a character played by the famous actor Chris O'Donnell. Before working at NCIS, the character Callen formerly worked for the CIA, DEA and FBI. Several episodes across the seasons reference his term with the Agency, and in seasons 1 and 2, it is revealed that while with the CIA, Callen worked together with recurring NCIS character Trent Kort.