How Old Is Cassidy Hutchinson, White House Aide? Is She In Danger?

During the sixth session of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January, Cassidy Hutchinson gives a testimony. ( Source : Vox )

Tuesday's House January 6 committee hearing featured testimony from Cassidy Hutchinson, a former senior advisor to Mark Meadows, President Donald Trump's chief of staff.

The committee announced the unscheduled hearing on Monday, stating that it would present "recently received material" from an anonymous witness who would eventually be identified as Cassidy Hutchinson. 

At the commencement of the hearing, Rep. Bennie Thompson, leader of the committee, praised her for fortitude and stated, "It's important that the American people hear that information immediately.''

Is Cassidy Hutchinson In Danger? 

Cassidy Hutchinson is at risk as she has just given an eye-opening account of wrongdoing by a staggering array of influential figures, including former President Donald Trump.

Ms. Hutchinson related to the panel a talk she had with Pat Cipollone, the top attorney in the White House, on January 3, 2021.

The supporter of former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows claimed Mr. Cipollone worriedly approached her that day after discovering Mr. Trump's idea of marching with his loyalists to the Capitol following his address near the White House on January 6. He even warned that this decision might have serious repercussions.

Before Tuesday's open hearing, Hutchinson provided various testimony for the January 6 committee.

During her testimony on Tuesday, Hutchinson spoke about a chat with Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Days before the attack on the Capitol, she claimed that on January 2, during their talk, Giuliani "stated something to the effect that we should be thrilled for the 6th, it will be a fantastic day."

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Cassidy Hutchinson Age & Wiki: How Old Is The White House Aide?

Cassidy Hutchinson's current age is 26. She is the first witness for the committee who was present in the West Wing on January 6, 2021.

Hutchinson began her career as a staff assistant in the Office of Legislative Affairs. Later, she was swiftly elevated to the position of special assistant to then-President Donald Trump.

Until the conclusion of the Trump administration, she served as Meadows' adviser before taking on the role of his executive assistant.

Cassidy studied at the University of Christopher Newport. In 2018, she discussed her White House internship with the school.

She started working for the White House's office of legislative affairs in 2019. Likewise, she even served for Rep. Steve Scalise, the House Republican whip, and Sen. Ted Cruz.

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Cassidy Hutchinson Net Worth 2022 & Career Earnings

To date, Cassidy Hutchinson hasn't uncovered the details of her net worth; however, it might be around $1 to $3 million in 2022.

She worked in the Office of the Chief of Staff's Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs from May 2020 to January 2019, per her LinkedIn profile.

She started with the Office of Legislative Affairs in March 2019 and remained there until March 2020. From that point until January 2021, she served there as the Chief of Staff's executive assistant. 

Hutchinson recently changed attorneys for the hearing. She previously worked with a former member of the Trump administration.

Presently, she is serving with Jody Hunt, who was earlier employed for the Justice Department and was Jeff Sessions' chief of staff, The Associated Press reported.

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