Is Dani Welniak Leaving KCTV5? Sports Director Is Planning To Change Jobs, So Where Is She Going

Dani Welniak is a former professional football player before she switched her career to full time media person. ( Source : Instagram )

Dano Welniak's news about leaving the KCTV5 has saddened many viewers. Learn here where she is going now. 

After Dani Welniak announced she was leaving KCTV5 officially, viewers were already concerned about where they could see their favorite reporter again. Fortunately, they can view her on the same network until the end of this week. 

Is Dani Welniak Leaving KCTV5? Where Is She Going Now? 

Dani announced officially through her social media site that it was her final Sunday night in the Locker Room Show at KCTV5. She posted a long text image on her Twitter account and thanked Kansas City. 

However, until Friday, she is not going anywhere as her last show will air then. She has made an appreciation post towards the network channel and thanked everyone on the team. She also added that her career would not have been great without those who walked in her show and everyone she interviewed. 

Nevertheless, like always, she did not forget about her viewers who have watched and listened to her shows. Following the post, it seems she might have had a good opportunity ahead of her, leading her to leave the job in Kansas. 

Thus her fans are waiting for her to post where she would head now for her future endeavor. People are already sad as this is her last week on the channel. 

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Dani Welniak And Her Husband Bradly Has A Small Family

The presenter Dani got married to her husband Bradly after he proposed to her On 8 April, ten years ago.

She has also uploaded the image of her man on his knee with a ring proposing to her. 

Additionally, it seems the couple took the vows on 15 June 2014, as the reporter has shared the image of their marriage in 2020.

Further sneaking inside her social media, she keeps uploading images of her professional life. But she never misses sharing the picture of her family, especially her kids. 

Yes, they are already parents. The couple was blessed with an adorable daughter in October 2020. 

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How Much Does Dani Welniak Earn? Her Salary In 2022

Dani's salary as the Sports Director for KCTV5 might be a hundred thousand dollars, which she never thought was important to share with the public. But as she has stepped down from the position, she might not be directly involved in any firm as its employee.

The former footballer started her reporting career in 2011 as a Sports Anchor. She worked for KWCH 12 (Sunflower Broadcasting, Inc.) for five years and two months as she mentioned the details about her experience in her LinkedIn account. 

Dani Welniak inside the basket ball court for the reporting
Dani Welniak inside the basket ball court for the reporting ( Source : Instagram )

Additionally, in 2016, she was assigned as Sideline Reporter on Chiefs Radio Network. She left the job there in September 2019. She also freelanced as a Radio Color Analyst in Pikewood Creative and an Analyst in Fox Football Radio Network Color. 

She spent over six years working at KCTV5, starting her position as a Sports reporter. She waved a goodbye to the company on 20 June 2022 after finishing her final last night on the network Locker Room Show. She will be onscreen on the network screen this coming Friday. She was designated as the Sports Director of the channel.