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Is Loren Gray Gay? Here Is What You Need To Know About The TikTok Star

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Loren Gray is an American model, social influencer, and singer who has rumored to be Gay. She entered the musical world musically at the age of 13. 

Gray is a social personality known for her TikTok videos. She has started her career in the small work of the Musical.ly app. Further, Gray comes among the 11 most-followed people on the Tiktok. She has obtained 100.8 million views and 3.84 million subscribers on her Youtube channel.  

Although she gets bullied because of her Musical.ly videos, she has never let her down. Also, she has worked in web series like Glow Up with Loren Gray, LGTV, and Honestly Loren. She has recently worked on her single Piece of Work in 2021. 

Is Loren Gray Gay? Sexuality Details

Gray may not be gay. She has gone heartbroken in her previous relationship with two well-known personalities, Joey and Juwany. Although she has not disclosed her sexual details, she may be straight looking at her relationship choice. 

Moreover, Gray seems to be close with Brooke A3 Agency & Kreativ Artists. Also, she celebrates with her girlies in vampire festivities. Although the singer seemed to spend time with her girls, it does not declare her sexual orientation. 

Further, Joey Kisluk was their ex-boyfriend of Gray. She started dating the Musically star Joey in 2014. She started her romantic life at an early age. Also, they had a beautiful bond for one year and got separated.

Nevertheless, she has connected with Juwany Roman, who goes with Flamingeos on Snapchat. They had bonded in 2016, and their relationship did not last long, so the couple parted ways in two months.

Who Is She Dating Now?

Gray has not seen dating anyone in the recent period. She has recently gotten involved in her career development. However, she has gone through heartbreak several times. Also, her relationship does not work that long. 


Moreover, Gray has captured her male colleague in the social functions. However, she has kept her bonding apart from social stardom. The singer has managed to keep her love life out of Limelight. 

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Loren Gray Baby, Boyfriend & Relationship Explored 

Gray got interested in the music world when she was a baby. She started her career through Musical.ly videos in 2015 when she was 13. Joey Kisluk was her musical partner. They had made a bond when she was 12 and Joey was 15. 

Moreover, Gray has constructed an Instagram account with her boyfriend, Joey. But after getting separated, they removed the handle. Also, she was in a relationship with Juwany Roman, which didn't last long due to Roman controlling behavior. 

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