Is Lori Harvey Related To Steve Harvey? American Model Family Details We Could Find

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Lori Harvey fans were trying to learn how she is related to Steve Harvey, as he confirmed her breakup on the Tv show. 

Steve Harvey confirmed that Lori Harvey has split with Michael B. Jordan on Monday's The Steve Harvey Morning Show. He broke the silence over the breakup of his stepdaughter. The couple called it a quit last week. They had been together for over a year already. 

On the other hand, Steve couldn't help but make light of the situation, saying that at least it didn't end in an expensive divorce - he's been through three - and that they both 'got out early.'

Lori Harvey was previously not related to Steve Harvey unless her mother, Majorie Bridges, married the famous television comedy host. He is the stepfather to the 25-year-old American model. The tv-personality has adopted her and does care about her as well. 

Lori Harvey with her mother Majorie and stepfather Steve in Paris
Lori Harvey with her mother Majorie and stepfather Steve in Paris

Furthermore, the people searched their relationship after Steve made it clear that Lori had broken up with an American actor Michael Bakari Jordan. Some might be confused; despite being a stepdaughter, her surname is also Harvey. He adopts her and he has kept her as his child. But unfortunately, her biological father's name is yet to be known. 

Additionally, according to the Tv host, her mother is the one who has helped him become a responsible man and changed his life. However, he does not have any biological kids with her.  

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Who Is Lori Harvey Father? In-depth About Her Family

Lori Harvey's father is Steve Harvey. However, he is not her biological dad. However, he adopted her after marrying his current wife, Majorie Elaine Harvey. Nevertheless, she has two siblings, Morgan and Jason. Both of them are already married and have started their family. 

Lori with her former partner Michael B Jordan
Lori with her former partner Michael B Jordan

She was also thinking of taking her relationship further with the Emmy nominated star Michael. But unfortunately, after a year of their relationship, they parted ways around a week back. The news was not official, but they had removed each other's pictures from their social media. However, people thought the couple looked perfect. 

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Know The Net Worth Difference Between Lori Harvey And Steve 

The net worth difference between Lori and Steve might be $199 million. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mr. Harvey has accumulated a wealth of $200 million as an American Comedian, businessman, entertainer, and Award-winning show host. 

Whereas, as an American model, entrepreneur, and socialite, Lori only has a bank balance of $1 million. However, she is just 25 years old, whereas her stepfather is already 65. Therefore, she might have a lot of opportunities coming her way in the coming days and her career, which started only a few years back.