Is Will Witt Leaving His Job At Prager University? His Fiance Eva Vlaardingerbroek Is A Dutch Politician

Will Witt recently got engaged to her in March 2022. ( Source : Instagram )

Will Witt is expected to leave Prager University. His followers are interested in discovering if the claims are real and, if so, what he will do after leaving Prager.

Prager University is an online political and current affairs information site featuring videos and podcasts, not an academic institution offering courses and degrees.

The web portal, well-known for its deceptive information that minimizes leftists and the problems they bring to light, is the subject of conflicting viewpoints among many people.

Is Will Witt Leaving His Job At Prager University?

There are rumors that Will Witt is quitting Prager University even though he hasn't mentioned leaving the job at the moment. 

Will has been working with Prager University for more than four years. His podcasts and shows dealing with the escalating problems of racism, COVID, and abortion have enjoyed tremendous popularity in recent years.

Prager University is a web-based political and current affairs data entry with recordings and digital broadcasts, not an academic university with classes and authentications.

More than 700 million people have viewed the podcaster's content online and adore him. Since joining the portal, he has published a book and appeared as a cultural analyst on numerous media platforms, including Fox News, Blaze Media, and The Daily Wire.

The influencer is less likely to leave Prager University, given the love and support he is receiving for his current work. Additionally, he is working on other initiatives for the portal, such as the Storytime that he recently completed with Will Witt.

Who Is Will Witt Fiance Eva Vlaardingerbroek?

After seeing Eva Vlaardingerbroek for less than a year, Will Witt recently got engaged to her in March 2022. Vlaardingerbroek started dating PragerU podcaster in late 2021. Dennis Prager introduced the couple, and they later began dating.

His fiancée is a host and commentator who has also appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Eva is a former law student who attended both the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and the University of Utrecht. She also received honors for her master's thesis on "The contractualization of sex in the me-too era," which she wrote for Leiden University.

Following graduation, she spent six months working in Brussels for the political group Forum for Democracy in the European Parliament. In early 2020, she left Brussels to work as a researcher in Leiden. She resigned from her university post and her doctoral research work in October 2020 so that she may concentrate solely on politics.

She relocated to Sweden in early 2021. She began hosting the "Let's speak about it" show on the Sweden Democrats' YouTube channel Riks at the end of March. Vlaardingerbroek appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight in June 2021 and April 2022.

Will Wit Marriage Plans And Dating Life 

Although Will Wit and Eva Vlaardingerbroek haven't discussed their future as husband and wife, they are having a great time dating.

Their connection has been quite openly maintained. They frequently share pictures on Instagram, where their followers like them.

The couple, who are already engaged, may have announced their impending nuptials.