German Footballer Jamal Musiala's Father Daniel Richard Is Nigerian British Citizen

German footballer Jamal Musiala is eligible to play for Nigeria and England as his father Daniel Richard is British-Nigerian.
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Jamal Musiala has Nigerian roots from his father Daniel Richard. Similarly, Jamal's mother Carolin Musiala is a Polish-German native.

With the support of his parents, at 4 years Jamal got admission to the academy and played for TSV Lehnerz.

The fierce midfielder is the second youngest player to score for Germany in an international match. Nicknamed 'Bambi' - a baby deer, Jamal is best known for his pace.

Before representing the German National team, Jamal played in England's youth team. Jamal has established himself as one of Europe's best young players and has integrated himself into Julian Nagelsmann's system at the Allianz Arena.

Only 19 years old, the offensive midfielder has already contributed 20 goals for Bayern Munich.

Jamal Musiala Father Daniel Richard Is Nigerian British Citizen

Jamal Musiala's father Daniel Richard migrated to Germany for better opportunities.

That is where he met his wife, Carolin. His son Jamal was born in Stuttgart, Germany on February 26, 2003.

The family lived there for seven years before moving to England, where Jamal would spend most of his childhood.

Jamal's dad Daniel Richard (Rich) used to play football, so he saw potential in his son. Favoring that decision, Daniel took him to the TSV Lehnerz sports club.

Bambi was so delicate that sometimes his Papa felt it would be an injustice to include him in the team. Jamal used to celebrate when opponents would score; Rich would just laugh "horribly".

The manager of the club, Micha Hoffman, and his daddy Daniel agreed to let him play with seniors. He was very young when he broke the 100-goals-per-season record.

Jamal Musiala photographed with his dad Daniel Richard, mother Carolin Musiala and Sister.
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Celebrating the success of his son Jamal made Daniel happy. Micha Hoffman speaking with Goal said, "Rich was totally crazy about football. He was always running up and down the line to cheer Jamal on."

Micha explained how Daniel used to sweat more than his son Jamal while cheering him on the football field.

After a few years, his dad decided to move him to Southhampton, where he would play club football and do further schooling.

The footballer grew up in England, where he received his primary education. He went to the Corpus Christi School in New Malden, a southwest London suburb.

He enrolled in the Whitgift School in Croydon for his secondary level. 

Jamal Musiala Mother Carolin Musiala Got Erasmus Scholarship In Southampton

Jamal Musiala represents Germany because his mother Carolin Musiala is a German citizen.

Before moving to Southampton, his dad Daniel Richard's passion motivated Jamal to play youth football in TSV Lehnerz.

Carolin never doubted her son's performance; she also supported him by cheering him up on the pitch, Goal reports.

Jamal Musiala with his mom Carolin Musiala and siblings.
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Jamal's mum Carolin's main purpose for staying in Fulda was to complete University Degree. Shortly after she completed it, she was offered an Erasmus scholarship in Southampton for further studies.

The family made a bold decision and moved to England. Jamal then joined Southampton academy and continued to play football.

After one year, the footballer got admitted to Chelsea youth academy.

Jamal Musiala's Journey From Chelsea To Bayern Munich

In 2011, Jamal Musiala joined Chelsea and after 9 years he shifted to Bayern Munich in 2019.

During that period, Jamal represented England's youth team. He became the favorite of current England national team manager Gareth Southgate.

Musiala attracted coaches with his pace and dribbling skills. During 2015, he and Jude Bellingham were the youths in limelight.

Jamal Musiala and Jude Bellingham are childhood friends.
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Jamal is eligible to play for three countries; Nigeria, England, and Germany.

However, Jamal decided to move back to his motherland Germany and play for the national team. Representing Germany Musiala said, "England is home for me I have hearts for England and Germany ... But I have both heart connected with England and Germany."

Jamal Musiala choose to represent Germany over England in 2022
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For Jamal Musiala Germany Is Motherland And England Is Home

For wonderkid Jamal Musiala, Germany is his motherland as he chose to play there over home England.

Although it was a tough decision for Jamal Musiala he chose Germany over England.
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Musiala surname originates from Poland meaning "he had to". He certainly feels an attachment to both countries, however, he had to stick with the decision of playing for one country on an international stage.

He wanted to play for the country where he was born.